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AKS Gaming News 13/04/2019

Octopath Traveler To Have A Switch Port By June

The Switch exclusive RPG from Square Enix called Octopath Traveler was seen in the Korean Ratings Board earlier this week which means that the game is going to be ported to PC very soon. Also, a blog post on the Square Enix Store revealed that the PC release of Octopath Traveler will be on June 7th. That blog had been removed just shortly after it was posted. So, what this could mean is that it is not the right time for the game’s announcement just yet, although we now have all the information we need.

Hitman 2 Content Highlights 2019 Shared

Content plans for Hitman 2 were posted on the IO Interactive’s website. There will be new locations as well as sniper maps which means that there will be new targets, new challenges as well as new mastery unlocks. Spring will come with the Hantu Port which is a new Sniper Map, Summer will have a new location called The Bank, and by Fall, The Prison will be the new sniper map and The Resort will be the new location. Silver players will get access to both the Hantu Post and the Bank but need gold for the rest.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Sold Over Two Million Copies Shortly After Launch

The challenging ninja action game Sekiro Shadows Die Twice has sold over two million copies since the game launched in March 22nd which is an amazing milestone. The game launched for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and was well received by players and critics alike from all over the world. Michelle Fonseca, the VP of product management and marketing at Activision said that “Sekiro Shadows Die Twice has brought something very special and unique to Activision’s portfolio of games”.

God Eater 3 Will Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Bandai Namco’s God Eater 3 is getting a Nintendo Switch release on July 12th. The game originally launched for the PC and PlayStation 4 just this February. By July, you will be able to hack-and-slash the huge, nasty creatures called Aragami anywhere and anytime in the handheld portable console. You can do this alone or with friends in the co-op multiplayer battles that can allow up to eight players in a single battle. For those pre-ordering the game, it will come with some pre-order bonuses.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Will Launch For PCs In May

The action, adventure, RPG Yakuza Kiwami 2 which was previously a PlayStation 4 exclusive video game will be coming to PC via Steam on May 9th. The PC version will have 4K as well as unlocked frames available for better playing enjoyment. Also, if you pre-order the game, it will come with the Clan Creator Bundle which includes rare leader cards, exclusive weapons, exclusive outfits as well as some bonus items. Get to continue the story of the Dragon of Dojima in Yakuza Kiwami 2 in your PCs come May!

Focus Home Interactive Has 12 New Games On The Works

Focus Home Interactive has announced that they are in partnership with twelve game studios for twelve new games. Three of the teased games are set in the Warhammer universes. No titles have been revealed as of yet but some of the studios that they have partnered up with include Games Workshop, Gasket Games the devs of Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, Streum On Studio, Saber Interactive the devs of Spintires, Deck13 Interactive responsible for Lords of the Fallen, and Chaosium.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Now Available On Nintendo Switch

The atmospheric and spellbinding game from Ninja Theory called Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice can finally be played on the Nintendo Switch. The game first launched in 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and it had received high praises. The game will let you play as Senua, a Pict warrior who is suffering and battling with psychosis. She believes that she is haunted by an entity called the Darkness as well as the Furies which are the voices in her head as well as the memories from her past.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Update: Rise of Azhara Revealed

The World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth update has been announced and it will be coming with the Rise of Azshara. This will come with a rework of the Azerite system as well as The Mechagon Megadungeon. This will come with eight bosses with the final challenge being the King Mechagon himself. This update will also have the Azshara’s Eternal Palace which is a large-scale raid having eight bosses and as the ultimate challenge, you will be facing the Queen Azshara herself.

Farming Game Staxel Exits Early Access, Launches As Full Game

After being in early access for about a year now, Staxel has launched as a full game. The game is like a cross of Stardew Valley and Minecraft. Players are able to farm, chill, make money, improve their home, pick flowers, catch bugs and hunt for fossils. Developer’s Plukit has also added a multiplayer mail system where you can send items, cash or whatever. More pets has been added as well like bunnies and there will also be some annual events across the in-game calendar like festivals.

“Mega-Update” For Atlas Announced By Dev’s Grapeshot Games

Developer’s Grapeshot Games was able to announce a “mega-update” for their piratical survival sandbox game Atlas. The update comes with improved performances for the servers and clients, a redesign of the game’s world by adding about 40% more islands to the map’s layout, a brand new environment called the Deep Ocean Trench, a new item which is the Guillotine, a new creature which is the Giant Grab, a new feature called the Human Catapult as well as more realistic wrinkles.

World Of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Fix For Gear System Available With Upcoming Patch

Finally, a fix for the year-long problem with World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth’s earning and upgrading gear has been done. This is for the Azerite Armor system which players found to be a bad system. However, the new 8.2 patch that is coming will be overhauling the entire system. Here, the Azerite Armor will no longer be linked to the level of your Heart of Azeroth. The Azerite traits will instead be automatically unlocked. The complete explanation can be found in the game’s official site.

Frostpunk is Coming to Consoles This Summer

11 Bit Studios has announced that its city-building survival game, Frostpunk is heading to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this Summer. The game first became available on PC in April 2018. 11 Bit says the console editions will be a “finely tuned adaptation” of the experience on PC. Both the Xbox One and PS4 editions will include the base game plus all the free content that arrived on the PC version since it launched, including The Fall of Winterhome scenario and Endless Mode, among others.

Battlefield 5’s Firestorm Battle Royale Mode Adds Duos

DICE added a new mode in Battlefield 5’s battle royale, Firestorm. Aside from Solo and Squads, players can now also play Duos, but it’s only available until April 15th. According to DICE, they added Duos to Firestorm in order to gather players’ feedback and also improve the mode. “We love it, and we think it’s a great addition to the game, but we recognize best that we’re better hearing that from you,” DICE said in a forum post.

Fortnite Buccaneer’s Bounty Limited Time Event Live Now

A new limited-time event is now available in Fortnite. The event is called Buccaneer’s Bounty, and it features its own sets of challenges and rewards. The limited-time event is set to run until April 15th. There are four challenges for players to take on. Completing all four challenges before the event ends will reward players a special reward, an Epic-tier emote. The first challenge tasks players into visiting 10 Pirate Camps in different matches. The second challenge tasks players to search for buried treasure once.

New Hitman 2 Elusive Target, The Prince, Revealed

Hitman 2 players have a new Elusive Target to take down. The new Elusive Target is The Prince, Father Adalrico Candelaria. Players have 48 hours to take him down, after which he will no longer be available as a target. The Prince can be found in Sapienza, Italy. He is a member of the Opus Ecclesiae, and a Cardinal Elector. According to the trailer, he’s on a European tour and demonstrations are expected. To ensure his safety, the CICADA protection unit has been deployed, posing a challenge to assassins.

Anno 1800 Open Beta Weekend Now Live

Here’s one for you gamers who are looking for something to do this weekend! From now until Sunday, April 14th, you can participate in Anno 1800’s open beta weekend. Those who wish to take part in the open beta can access it via the Epic Games Store, or in Uplay. The beta will need 30 GB in disk space and requires an internet connection. Saves from the open beta will not be carried over to the full game. Anno 1800 will launch on April 16th on the Epic Games Store and Uplay.

Borderlands 2 Peaks at Almost 60,000 Players on Steam

Borderlands 2’s concurrent player count has seen a significant increase on Steam in the past week. According to Steam Charts, the game peaked at 59,033 concurrent players on Steam. Borderlands 2 has also maintained Very Positive review scores. This is good news for Gearbox as it shows how interested people are for Borderlands 3, although the series has recently been review bombed because of Gearbox’s decision to bring Borderlands 3 to Epic Games.

New Rage 2 Trailer Shows Enemies Players Will Face

Rage 2 is set to launch next month, and Bethesda has released a new trailer which highlights the enemies players will face and the game’s harsh environment. The trailer shows enemies like cyborgs, a samurai, mechs, and some goons. Aside from these bad guys, players will have to face environmental dangers such as barrels exploding, dangerous cliffs, and maybe getting attacked by a buffalo. Rage 2 will be launching on May 14th on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

BioShock-Style Horror Game “Close to the Sun” to Launch in May

Close to the Sun, an adventure horror game that looks a lot like BioShock, has finally received a release date! The game will be launching on May 2nd for PC, and it will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. The game is set in an alternate 19th century aboard a giant ship called the Helios. The game will also be released for consoles this year, although Wired Productions did not specify when.

Epic Nerfs Fortnite’s Baller Vehicle

Epic Games announced that they have nerfed the Baller vehicle in Battle Royale. According to a post on Reddit, Epic reduced the health of the Baller from 300 to 200. The developer added that there’s no need for a title update for the change to take effect. The Baller vehicle was first introduced last month, allowing layers to ride it around the map like a hamster. Epic has decided the vehicle was overpowered, so they had to nerf it.

Siege of Centauri Launches on Steam Early Access Next Week

A new tower defense game is heading to Steam Early Access. Siege of Centauri will be launching on Early Access on April 16th. Players will take on the role of a commander of the defense of Earth’s first colony. They have to determine the best strategy to save their colony from thousands of alien machines. Every time players become victorious, a colony expands to a new part of the planet. The game boasts of incorporating classic tower defense features with unique features “first seen in Ashes of the Singularity.”

Super Neptunia RPG Console Editions to Release Along with the PC Version

The console editions of Super Neptunia RPG will be launching at a later date than planned. Originally planned for release in Fall of 2018, and then delayed again to Spring 2019, Super Neptunia RPG will now be launching in Summer 2019 on PS4 and Xbox One in North America and Europe, coinciding with the game’s release on PC. The game is a side-scrolling RPG featuring characters of the Neptuia series.


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