Aprill Fools joke update

Shodan/ Aprile 2, 2019/ House Flipper

We hope you liked the blasting experience of shooting your walls out of your way.
A lot of you asked us to keep the shotty in the game, and while originally it wasn’t something we planned to do, we can reveal a little secret…
The shotgun is going to stay in the game for some time, but only works when you change your date to 1st April.

Recent patch news (2st April):
1. New head-up display
The remaining health is now displayed more clearly.
2. New skill display
The display is now 3.14 times more comfortable.
3. Random stuff we felt like doing:
– certain items in the tablet store were rotated a bit to celebrate the anniversary of our original release date,
– new level up, level down, level left and level right animations,
– we’ve patched a bug in Apocalypse DLC which allowed some guns to be fired,
– we’ve removed the wall multiplication rate limiter,
– gamepad sensitivity will no longer depend on amount of pillows placed in the house.

1st April:
Is it a Hammer? Is it a mop? No! It’s a shotgun! A new tool of destruction in House Flipper Apocalypse DLC.

It’s easy to use and you will feel like a badass! And guess what, you don’t need any ammunition. If you think this is another April Fool’s joke, you should run the game and try it by yourself.

..or just check the video. Groovy!