Patch 1.0.9 is live!

Shodan/ Marzo 1, 2019/ Astroneer

Patch Release Notes

The primary focus of this release was to address more of the key gameplay issues and stability issues that we’ve been encountering in live.

Fixed even more of our most commonly reported crashes increasing overall stability.

Deployed fixes for a number of our most commonly reported gameplay bugs:

  • [AS-6208] – Made the first fix to the issue which is causing players to be randomly launched into the air while walking around, especially on planets other than Sylva. Now if this error occurs, the player will be only slightly bumped and should no longer take lethal damage. We are investigating a deeper fix to Terrain 2.0 that would fully address this issue, as well as some others, but will require more implementation and testing.
  • [AS-6162] – Made several fixes to Terrain 2.0 which would cause Client players to see seams where Host players have deformed terrain around resource deposits.
  • [AS-6196] – The Achievement “Delve Greedily and Deep” will now be appropriately unlocked when reaching the mantle of any planet. Unfortunately, this is not a self-healing fix, meaning that you will have to go back to the mantle of a planet to earn this.
  • [AS-6212] – The exploit that allowed players to generate infinite Scrap by removing Small Batteries placed on the Shredder and replacing them has been fixed. You will now have to go back to collecting Scrap the good ‘ol fashion way.
  • Made changes to how our backend service checks for Achievement progress in order to address the issue of players no longer seeing customization items they unlocked by completing achievements. If you are still experiencing missing items in your inventory, please keep reporting it to us.

Cranes and Drills have received several fixes and adjustments:

  • [AS-6234] – Fixed the bug causing the Crane and Drills mounted on vehicles to not collect soil into canisters attached to them.
  • [AS-6270] – Fixed a bug which caused Crane-mounted Drills to stop digging a short ways past the surface.
  • [AS-6271] – Fixed a bug which caused a lower strength Drill to fail to activate if a higher strength Drill is detached from its slot.
  • The deformation rate has been made uniform across all Drill hardness tiers when drilling soft terrain.
  • Additional power will now be drawn when multiple Drills are attached to one vehicle.
  • Buffed the deformation size for Crane-mounted Drills.

A number of most commonly occurring Tutorial issues have been addressed in order to smooth the experience for first time players:

  • [AS-6101] – Fixed a bug where the UI prompt for the tutorial dropship does not appear again after a player dies.
  • [AS-6111] – Fixed a usability issue which occurred if a player stowed a research sample in their backpack, there would be no prompt open the backpack.
  • [AS-6112] – Fixed an annoying issue with the small printer where it would lose the Use key and could not be used to print a thruster and progress the objective.
  • [AS-6113] – Fixed an issue where slotting the solid-state thruster to the oxygenator slot on the shuttle mistakenly advanced the objective.

A number of issues have been fixed regarding quick stow and tier two object carrying.

  • [AS-6160] – Fixed a bug that would cause carried objects to clip through terrain and become lost when a player enters a slide or deploys terrain tool.
  • [AS-1070] – As part of the above fix with carrying objects, addressed an old bug where resources would sometimes fall through the terrain when their model was below the surface at the time they were ejected from the back of the Terrain Tool.
  • [AS-5038] – And while we’re there, fixed a visual issue where attempting to quick stow a large item while holding it would trigger the “Backpack Full” UI warning

[AS-6206] – The RTG can now be shredded in the Shredder.


  • Client desync and performance drops on all platforms. (Update: Further profiling has helped us identify the biggest offenders for performance, and some fixes are being tested currently for deployment in our next patch)
  • Some modified terrain nodes will sometimes lose collision, causing players to quicksand into them. (Still debugging this issue. Seems like deformation is causing terrain node math to get into a weird state on lower end hardware. Working on a fix)
  • If you crash while in a shuttle in orbit, the shuttle will remain in orbit and your starting point might get broken. We have a solid repro of this and are tracking a fix.
  • Rovers with front mounted drills will sometimes cause the rover to lose control when operating the drill for extended periods.
  • Exiting Tractors will sometimes cause clients to catapult into space and subsequently suffocate. (Update: Verified that is happens when pressing “enter” twice before entering. Should be fixed in next week’s update)
  • Vehicles will sometimes not respond to input, causing repeated enters and exits before resuming normal operation (Update: turns out this might happen when other inputs are held while entering. Should be fixed in next week’s patch)
  • Crashing on loading before the start menu (This should have been addressed in this update, please keep us updated if you continue running into this issue.)

Lots of the most egregious bugs are cleaned up in this patch! Next weeks patch will begin the most meaningful performance upgrades to date for all platforms and hardware. Thanks for hanging in there while we work through alleviating the performance problems in single and multiplayer sessions!

See you next week!