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AKS Gaming News 12/02/2019

PUBG is Steam Awards 2018’s Game of the Year

PUBG Corporation’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was voted the game of the year for 2018 at the Steam Awards which was held February 8, 2019. In December of last year, Valve had asked its community to vote for its top games in various categories. These categories included game of the year, best developer, VR game of the year, best environment and more. PUBG was the number one selling game on Steam last year so while congratulations are in order, there is no surprise that it labeled game of the year.

Activision Blizzard to Layoff Hundreds of Employees

Activision Blizzard has divulged plans to restructure and centralize its operations which will result in mass layoffs of their staff members. This information was gathered from a report published by Bloomberg. According to sources, the layoffs will come from different parts of the company. However, there has been no information gathered with regards to which sections of the studio will be impacted. Activision is expected to make the official announcement on the 12th of February 2019.

Players Won’t Be Spending Over 40 Hours to Complete The Outer Worlds

Ever since Obsidian Entertainment released trailers brandishing their action-RPG The Outer Worlds, the fans assumed the game will be long but we now know the contrary is factual. Co-directors Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky said The Outer Worlds is more of a “reactive RPG” than a sprawling open-world. They also said 15-40 hours would be a reasonable guess as to how long it would take players to beat the game. They then emphasized that time required to complete the game is play-style dependent.

New Anthem Trailer Features Javelins’ Strengths

BioWare recently released a launch trailer for their action-RPG Anthem which reveals all 4 Javelins performing in their respective roles. The launch trailer shows a team of four Freelancers attiring themselves in preparation for their next mission. Each Freelancer pilots one variation of the Javelin exo-suits. The trailer also showcases the unique flight and combat mechanics of each Javelin. Anthem is on course to be released on February 22, 2019, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Burnt Horizon Confirmed

Ubisoft confirmed that the new additions to Rainbow Six Siege are Australian. The new Operators come as part of Operation Burnt Horizon. They are members of the Special Air Service Regiment which is a special forces unit of the Australian Army based on Britain’s SAS. The attacker appears steadfast and strictly business oriented while the defender has more of a playful side and craves spotlight. While their personalities differ, they accent each other and are unified in all tasks assigned.

Farming Sim The Stillness of the Wind Available Now on Steam

Memory of God’s farming simulation game The Stillness of the Wind, is now available on Steam. The game is popularly described as a “minimalist, melancholy farming simulation about a goat-herding grandma.” In the game, you assume the role of a farmer who primarily tends to goats. Tend to your homestead and practice subsistence farming whilst dealing with disruptive letters from your family in the city. You can plant crops, breed goats, milk them, use their mild to make cheese and much more.

Activision Issues Refunds for Guitar Hero Live

Activision recently published a blog post announcing that it is offering a refund for any customer who had purchased Guitar Hero Live after December 2017. However, only players who had purchased Guitar Hero Live in the US are eligible for a refund. Confirmation of the purchase is required, such as a receipt or credit card statement. If you possess all the requisites, submit a Claim Form before May 1st and the money will be refunded. The rationale behind Activation’s decision has not yet been disclosed.

Apex Legends Solo and Duos Modes Leaked

Respawn has been tight-lipped when Apex Legends players have been eagerly asking for Solos and Duos modes to be added to the game since it released more than a week ago. Now it looks like the highly-requested modes are coming to the game, based on a datamine by Fortnite dataminer ShiinaBR. According to supposed evidences he posted online, hidden within Apex Legends’ files are what looks like files referring to a “SOLO MODE” and “2-man Squad” mode. Respawn and EA are yet to comment on this.

Path of Exile Delayed to March

Path of Exiles is currently available on Xbox One and PC, Grinding Gear Games had initially announced that Path of Exile would be coming to PS4 in December 2018 but it was later delayed until February of 2019. Now as we creep deeper into February it appears the developers are not quite ready just yet and have consequently opted to push back the release date. Now the developers assigns the date of the 3.6.0 expansion in March, as the day PlayStation 4 players can welcome the game to their consoles.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Might Be Heading to Switch This Summer

It looks like Spyro Reignited Trilogy is heading to Nintendo Switch! A Twitter user who goes by the name Aaron3111 posted a screenshot from the game’s website, showing a drop-down menu box that includes a space that was not there before. The user was quick to say that this could be evidence that the game could be heading to Switch. This isn’t the first time the game is rumored to be heading to Nintendo’s console.

Star Citizen Adds American Sign Language Emotes

Star Citizen developers and one of their community members have come together in a collaborative effort to create a series of American Sign Language emotes for hearing-impaired and partially hearing-impaired players. Video animation director Steve Bender said “I’m really happy for the community to have this opportunity to be able to role-play and to express themselves in the way that they see fit.” It is a very commendable for all the parties involved to be helping the game become more accessible to everyone.

Apex Legends’ Season One Content Kicks Off March

Reaspawn Entertainment recently revealed that their new BR game Apex Legends will receive its first season of content in March of this year. This news came to light when the developers revealed a schedule for the game’s first year. According to the schedule, the first year is to be divided into four season that lasts approximately three months each. The precise dates are yet to be announced but we do know that the first season commences in March with the launch of the battle pass.

H1Z1 Free Expansion Adds New 50-Player FFA Deathmatch Mode

Daybreak has announced that H1Z1’s upcoming free expansion will introduce an all new 50 player Free for All Deathmatch mode. The developers also released a video showing you what you can expect in said mode. According to the producers, players descend into the combat zone with their kits fully combat ready, after-which they have around 15 minutes to battle against each other for the top spot on the leaderboards. The Free for All mode arrives on February 21, 2019 as part of a free Beyond Royale expansion pack.

Foundation Now in Early Access

Polymorph Games’ medieval city builder game Foundation, is now in Early Access and already has game-changing mods. The developers are have been working earnestly to improve the game and have already added some brand new game modes. This Looks promising for the game as hitting the ground running is one thing but a sustained sprint requires dedication and the devs exercise the latter. Polymorph Games Invites you to come build your own medieval city that thrives, expands and support its populous.

IGF Finalist Puzzle Game Ethereal Release Date Confirmed

Nonsense Arts’ abstract puzzler and award nominee game Ethereal, is set to be released on March 7, 2019. This game has many good qualities but the most cheered of all its attributes is its amazing soundtrack. The game’s soundtrack is so good it is nominated for excellence in audio at the 2019 Independent Games Festival. In the game, you guide a blob of color around 24 levels. Ethereal is currently available in the Steam store for PC and offers full controller support.

Team Liquid Bids Farewell to Heroes of the Storm

Team Liquid recently parted ways with Heroes of the Storm and dropped their esports team consequently. Blizzard opted to discontinue the Heroes Global Championship last year. This was the competitive league for Heroes of the Storm, and the means by which many pros sustained themselves. As you can imagine, Blizzard’s abrupt decision wounded many pros and Liquid’s team was no exception. Liquid kept their team on contract for an additional month to help them transition into the next chapter of their lives.

Blacklight: Retribution Shuts Down Servers for Good

Publisher Hardsuit Labs has announced that on March 11, 2019, their FPS Blacklight: Retribution’s servers will shut down indefinitely. Zombie Studios was responsible for developing the futuristic shooter but in 2015 they discontinued production leaving the publishers to keep the game afloat. The publishers managed to preserve the game for years but must now pull the plug themselves. As a token of appreciation, all the items in the game have been made free and accessible to all players.

Kill La Kill the Game: IF Reveals Ragyo and Nui Gameplay

QuestGamingTV recently featured a 14-minute gameplay video of Arc System Works’ battle action game Kill La Kill the Game: IF. The video gave the main antagonists Nui Harime and Ragyo Kiryuin, some screen time to show off some of their signature moves from the hit anime series. The gameplay mechanics look really good and comparable to that of other competitive titles. A precise date is unconfirmed but Kill la Kill the Game: IF is expected to drop later this year for PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

New Release Date for Total War: Three Kingdoms Announced

Creative Assembly’s highly anticipated strategy title Total War: THREE KINGDOMS has received a new release date and it is May 23, 2019. Since being announced the game has garnered much attention because it dears to make a significant step forward for Total War by creating a brand new level of depth for their dedicated and deserving player-base. The developers have assured the players that the added wait time is being used to make the game as polished as possible at release.

World of Tanks Mercenaries Celebrates Fifth Anniversary on Consoles

World of Tanks: Mercenaries has been in on consoles for over 5 years and the developers’ Wargaming deem this milestone worthy of a celebration. Wargaming also announced that their vehicular combat game has recruited over 18 million commanders. The developers now promise that a stream of special in-game events and prize giveaways are will be soon deployed as part of the celebration. You can visit the game’s official page for further details. The game is available for, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Android.

Jump Force System Requirements Revealed

The official PC requirements have been posted for SPIKE CHUNSOFT’s fighting game, Jump Force. The details were posted on the game’s official Steam page and they don’t appear particularly kind to the very low-end PC gamers. The developers recommend Intel Core i7-6700 or an AMD Ryzen 5 1400 CPU with 8GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or an AMD Radeon R9 Fury graphics card. Players are also required to have at least 17GB of space on their systems. Jump Force releases on February 15, 2019.

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