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AKS Gaming News 31/01/2019

Fortnite NFL Skins are Coming Back

Epic is bringing back the NFL skins to Fortnite in celebration of the Super Bowl 2019 weekend. These skins were previously released for a limited period and will likely get the same fate this time around, so grab your sportswear while you can. According to the announcement, the skins will be available in the store as of February 1. This news was accompanied by a new Fortnite patch released on January 29, 2019. The update added a chiller grenade, a new ‘Solid Gold’ limited-time mode, and mobile controller support.

Top Game Publishers of 2018 Ranked

Metacritic recently released its 2019 Game Publisher Rankings. This lists provides a look at the best the industry had to offer in the previous year. Capcom can be found at the apex of the list as the vast majority of the titles they released were very good and none of them were rated unsatisfactory. The second place publisher, Sega, earned an average score of 78.5% good games across the board. The rest of the list comprised of familiar publishing faces. Visit the official Metacritic website for more details.

Farm Together Coming to Switch Later This Week

Milkstone Studios announced that their agriculture simulation game Farm Together, is getting a Switch release on February 1, 2019. Join forces with up to 15 other players and take to the fields. You can farm a wide range of crops and raise to your cattle as a good farmer should. See your farm transition from nothingness to a flourishing field of crops then literally reap what you sow. As of Friday players will be able to tend to their farm from anywhere in the world at anytime on the Nintendo Switch.

Dataminers Find Out Earthquake Will End Fortnite Season 7

Fortnite’s 7th season will conclude with an earthquake according to dataminers. Over the years dataminers have served as eyes into the future of some games. Post launch of update v7.30, screenshots surfaced representing datamined files that consists of references to an earthquake leading into the BR’s 8th season. However, the files never mentioned where the earthquakes will be stationed. The claims are unconfirmed but it wont be too long until we know for sure considering Season 8 is less than 2 weeks away.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions Coming to Steam

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions will gracing the Steam Store in February of this year. One concern of players who previously played on other platforms is that they would not be able to access the cards from the physical edition of the game. Games Workshop now assures players they need not worry as they will be able to scan cards from the physical edition into the digital game. Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions will be headed towards the Nintendo Switch after Steam.

Civilization 6: Gathering Storm’s New Civ Unveiled

Firaxis Games has unveiled the new civilization for their turn-based strategy game Civilization 6: Gathering Storm. The new civilization is Phoenicians and it is spearheaded by Dido. According to the developers, she is a really good choice for players who like the idea of dominating the world by subjugating the oceans. She also has a unique ability named Founder of Carthage that enables her to move her capital around. Civilization 6: Gathering Storm is scheduled to drop on February 14, 2019.

Boom Boom Joins Mario Tennis Aces in February

Mario Tennis Aces is poised to receive a new playable character by the name of Boom Boom. Nintendo introduced Boom Boom with a new trailer which highlights his numerous abilities out on the court. The video shows Boom Boom playing in sort of defensive style. Though he appears defensive at first glance, there is no disputing the fact that he clearly has a few tricks up his sleeve. If you participate in the online tournament you will get first dibs on him but he will be available to all players on March 1.

Those Who Remain’s Latest Trailer Showcases Its Creepy Monsters

Camel 101 has released a Darkness trailer for their horror game Those Who Remain. The trailer was narrated by the protagonist who told a creepy tale of his childhood. Brief injections of light illuminated ravenous monsters as they hobbled awkwardly into frame. The groans and screams of the perils bellowed while the narrator spoke of his acknowledgment of their existence. Those Who Remain’s release date is unconfirmed but is confirmed to be arriving for PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Batalj Release Date Confirmed

Batalj is scheduled for release on February 21, 2019. The game was recently released in closed beta that extended by a whole month. This was ample time for players to try the game for an adequate amount of time and leave constructive feedback. The developers also had enough time to process crucial player feedback on units, squad combinations and different maps. After evaluating the progress, Fall Damage is confident that their face-paced strategy game will be ready on the 21st.

Warface Rolls Out Chernobyl-Themed Update

Warface has released a Chernobyl Themed Update On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One named Pripyat. The update introduces refreshingly new mechanics to the game. These mechanics include energy shields that can be used by individual foes and defensive installations. Players are required to prepare for the latest creation of Blackwood’s robotics department, named SED. These creepy humanlike androids come as a lethal threats to any squad which ensures teamwork is essential if you are to take one out.

MachiaVillain Gets a New Update

MachiaVillain has received a new update which includes many interesting and new features. The most noteworthy additions are electric fields. These fields have been added to your hellish residence and can be used to power new tools and abilities. The Finger of Evil gives you the power to channel and manipulate lighting.  As wielder of this power, you can zap enemies or empower your miniature evil delegates. The update also featured new minions, customizations, new environment and many bug fixes.

The Divison 2 Private Beta Details Revealed

Ubisoft has revealed details on Tom Clancy’s The Division 2’s upcoming Private Beta. It will begin on February 7th and will last until February 11th. As this is a Private Beta, only selected players will be able to join. Those who preordered a copy of the game will get access to the beta. The beta includes two main missions and five side missions as well as PvPvE gameplay in one of the new Dark Zones. There will also be PvP in Skirmish mode. Players will also be able to explore the eastern part of the game’s world with a level cap of seven.

Dauntless Goes to Epic Games Store, Cross-Play Supported

Phoenix Labs’ Monster Hunter-like game Dauntless is currently in open beta on PC, and the studio has just announced that the game will be moving from its current launcher to the Epic Games Store. Phoenix also added that the game will support cross-platform play with cross-system progression when it releases on consoles and mobile later this year. The studio did not specify when the change of launcher will take place. The limited-time Valentine-themed Hunt Pass Season Two is also now live, and will be available until March 13th.

Overwatch Paris Map Now on the PTR

In a surprise announcement, Blizzard revealed the new Paris map in Overwatch, and it is now available on the Public Test Region on PC. The map was released most probably because of an upcoming Valentine’s Day event in the game. The Paris map is an assault map where one team attacks points in the map, while the other one defends. There are no payloads in this map. The map’s description says it has narrow streets and corridors, and some locations such as the Seine, Maison Marat, and the the Pâtisserie Galand.

Overcooked 2 is Celebrating the Lunar New Year

Team 17 and Ghost Town Games released a teaser for Overcooked 2, and it looks like Lunar New Year-themed levels are coming to the game. The teaser video is really short, but it says the upcoming update is free. We also got a quick glimpse at the level, and it looks like players will be getting some sort of Chinese dish. For now, we’ll have to wait and see what the teaser means. You can get Overcooked 2 on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, or Xbox One.

GTA Online Adds RC Cars

Rockstar Games added the remote-controlled RC Bandito to GTA Online in last month’s Arena War update, adding a whole lot of action to the game. Now this remote-controlled car gets the spotlight as it now has its own series of races in the game. The RC car races are set up just like standard point races – players race around a track, hit checkpoints – with the first player finishing a set of laps emerging as the winner. The RC Bandito can be purchased in-game and costs over 1.5 million GTA cash.

Sci-fi Game Previously Teased in Watch Dogs 2 Still in Development

In Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft has teased a sci-fi exploration game called Pioneer. It turns out the game is an actual game being developed by Ubisoft, but late last year Typhoon Studios co-founder Alex Hutchinson kind of announced its cancellation by tweeting, “RIP, Pioneer.” This time however, it appears like the game is not canceled after all, and is currently still in development. Some sources say Ubisoft is still working on it, but the game has been dramatically changed into something different than what was seen in Watch Dogs 2.

Dead or Alive 6 Gets Free-to-Play Version After Launch

Dead or Alive 6 director Yohei Shimbori announced that Dead or Alive 6 will be getting a free-to-play version after the game officially launches. Although he did not specifically mention when it will be released, he confirmed that the free-to-play version will include the base game plus only the core fighters. Shimbori added that this will be similar to Dead or Alive 5: Core Fighters, but for now there aren’t any concrete details about it yet as they are yet to finalize what to include in this version.

Steam Users Review Bomb Metro Games After Epic Store Exclusivity Announcement

After announcing Metro Exodus’ move from Steam to the Epic Games Store – and after Valve crying foul over the sudden move, saying it’s “unfair to Steam customers” – players on Steam have started review bombing Metro games. Players on Steam are apparently not pleased with Koch Media’s decision to make the game an Epic Games exclusive. As of this report, over 3,000 negative reviews have been posted on previous entries Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. Metro Exodus is set to launch February 15th.

Subnautica: Below Zero All Set for Early Access

Subnautica’s spiritual successor is now on Steam Early Access! Subnautica: Below Zero is now playable on Steam, but do take note that this is an Early Access title which means the story is incomplete, and is still full of rough edges. Below Zero takes players into an underwater adventure and is set in the Arctic region of the planet 4546B. The game is currently available for PC only, but will also be coming to PS4 and Xbox One in a yet-to-be-disclosed date.

Nintendo is Closing Down the Wii Shop

Nintendo Wii’s built-I digital marketplace Wii Shop Channel has closed down. It had its final run on January 30, 2019 – 12 years since it first launched. Nintendo first announced they are closing down the store back in September 2017. They stopped selling Wii Points as of March 2018. Wii has also dropped support on video streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant Video.

Fear the Wolves Ready for Launch This February

Vostok Games’ battle royale game Fear the Wolves is ready for its full launch! The game will be launching on February 6th and will be accompanied by a “massive update” featuring its new artifact system, the new Wolf Matriach mutant, and much more. Vostok Games is also planning for a soft launch a few days before February 6th to make sure everything’s working as it should. It will also be free-to-play from February 6th until the 12th, which is good news for those who want to give the game a try before purchasing.

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