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AKS Gaming News 20/12/2018
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tops 3 Million Units Sold in Just 11 Days

Barely a week and a half after launch, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has already sold over three million units, officially becoming the fastest-selling title for this console generation in just 11 days. This continues Nintendo’s winning streak with the Switch. The console has now sold over twenty-two million units globally, and its biggest titles have seen sales of four to 5 million units. Nintendo of America Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Doug Bowser says they are looking forward to delivering even more excitement to fans of the brand.

Operation Absolute Zero Update for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Now Live on Xbox One and PC

The Operation Absolute Zero update for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has finally hit Xbox One and PC. The update adds a new Specialist called Zero who specializes in disrupting and distracting enemies using her hacking skills. The newly revamped Black Market rolls out with the new update too, bringing with it a more streamlined progression and reward system. A new Blackout area called Hijacked has also been added, with a new ARAV armored vehicle usable in the battle royale mode as well. The update rolled out for PS4 last week.

New Teaser Trailers Released for Ring of Elysium’s Upcoming Mode

Tencent Games has released teaser trailers for the new mode coming to Ring of Elysium. From Dusk Till Dawn will add even more challenge to the battle royale game with the introduction of a body temperature system that requires players to ensure they don’t freeze to death as they gather resources and try to survive an entire night in the harshest weather conditions. Everyone still alive when dawn breaks wins the match. The new mode arrives on December 22nd.

Indie Games Digital Platform Hosts Winter Sale

If you’re into indie games, then this is good news for you! Digital storefront is having its own Winter Sale! The Winter Sale runs from December 18th until December 27th, so if you’re eyeing that indie game for quite some time, but you’re hesitating to buy it, do it now while the sale lasts. Aside from indie games, the Winter Sale also has discounts for comics and soundtracks that are listed in the site.

Life is Strange 2’s Episode 2 Release Date Revealed

Dontnod has announced the much-awaited release date for Life is Strange 2’s second episode. The next episode is slated to launch on January 24, 2019. In Episode 2, players will see the adventures of brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz continuing on through the winter months. Both are struggling against the harsh cold, and Sean is getting even more ill. Now the brothers must take a risk and make their way to their grandparents’ house and seek shelter, as they continue their journey after fleeing Arcadia Bay.

BioShock Look-Alike “Close to the Sun” Revealed

Wired Productions has announced that they will be publishing Storm in a Cup’s first-person horror game Close to the Sun. The game looks very much like BioShock, however, it is not a shooting game. Close to the Sun features the protagonist Rose who’s on board a mysterious ship and is looking for her sister. Players will do problem-solving while facing danger, but they won’t be doing it alone as an ally will be of assistance. There won’t be any weapons involved in the game as well. Close to the Sun will be launching sometime in 2019.

Fortnite Might Be Celebrating New Year’s Eve In-Game on December 31st

One Fortnite player discovered a New year’s Eve event hidden within the game’s version 7.10 update. The person who discovered this goes by the name FortTory, and he posted the details on Twitter. He discovered what seems like a New Year’s ball that looks like it might be descending in battle royale. There was also a list of New Year-themed files found, including a countdown timer that might appear in-game. Epic is yet to comment on this latest discovery.

The Inca Join Civilization 6: Gathering Storm

Civilization 6’s Gathering Storm expansion is set to arrive February 14th. Last week, Firaxis Games revealed that Canada will be one of the civilizations in the game, and now the developers have revealed that the Inca will also be making a comeback and will be joining the game when the expansion launches. They are being led once again by Pachacuti. The Inca posses a unique ability called Mit’a which allows them to work on mountain tiles. It has a unique unit, the Warak’aq, which can attack twice when its movement hasn’t been spent.

Latest Resident Evil 2 Trailer Showcases More Ada Wong

We only need to wait just a few more weeks before Resident Evil 2 launches, and Capcom has been releasing gameplay lately. The most recent one is that of Ada Wong, who’s one of the playable characters in the game. In the trailer, we see Ada taking on a scientist who’s working on the G-virus. They exchange gunshots and Leon, who’s also with her, gets injured. This is when Ada becomes playable. We then see some footage that were shown in Ada’s previous trailer. Resident Evil 2 launches January 25th.

For Honor’s Year of the Harbinger Details Unveiled

Ubisoft has unveiled what’s in store for players in For Honor’s third year. In Year 3, there are four seasonal updates planned and are themed around Year of the Harbinger. These updates will include new maps, new heroes, and seasonal in-game events among others. All these will arrive January 31st along with the new season, Vortiger. Season 1 will add a new Knight hero plus a map. The game’s Year 3 roadmap also includes improvements such as balancing.

Fear the Night Now on Early Access

Free-to-play open world zombie survival game Fear the Night is now available on Steam Early Access. The game will test players’ “scavenging and fortification skills during the day, and battle the undead well into the night.” Players will take on the role of a lone survivor – and humanity’s last hope – in the zombie apocalypse. Players will fight alongside robot companions which they can hack. Ensuring their survival is also part of the game as they scavenge and hunt for food, and craft medicine to stave off the infection.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is Top-Selling Game for November

Red Dead Redemption 2 climbs to the top spot of NPD Group’s November sales with over 20 million copies sold. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 took the top 2 spot, but fans can take comfort in the fact that the game is still the top selling game of 2018. On third is Battlefield 5, followed by Fallout 76. Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! take the 5th and 6th spots. NBA 2K19 is still going strong as it lands on 7th, followed by Madden NFL 19, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, and FIFA 19 in 8th, 9th, and 10th places respectively.

Two New Weapons Heading to Battlefield 5

DICE is giving 2 new weapons to all Battlefield 5 players. Thanks to the developers’ charitable nature the Ribeyrolles 1918, an assault rifle, joins the Assault class. The Support class gets some love as the M1897 pump-action shotgun joins their arsenal. Seasoned Battlefield players are in for a nostalgic experience as both weapons are reintroduced from Battlefield 1. Login between December 19, 2018 and January 3, 2019 to get the weapons free. If you miss the window, you can purchase them with company coin later.

Last Year: The Nightmare Dominates Twitch Charts After Release

Last Year: The Nightmare peeks at top three for most viewed games on Twitch upon its release on December 18th. The game mirrors some aspects of Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th — there is a team of players collaborating to survive the vigor of a disgruntled Killer piloted by another player. Enjoy controlling three killers as opposed to one and re-spawning with new abilities every time you die. The game can be accessed from the Discord store and is set to be released on other PC platforms in 2019.

My Hero Academia’s Deku Joins Jump Force’s Roster

Jump Force is getting a new character added to its roster and it is Izuku “Deku” Midoriya from My Hero Academia. This has been announced by Bandai Namco US via a Tweet. Deku, if you did not know, is the protagonist of My Hero Academia. He will be using his signature Detroit Smash Super Move in the game. Deku will be added to the continuously growing roster of characters of the game from Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Naruto. Jump Force is set to launch on February 15, 2019, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

14 Days of Fortnite Has Started

14 Days of Fortnite has started and the very first Limited Time Mode is the Unvaulted Mode. This mode will be replacing the Classic Mode where we will be seeing some vaulted weapons come back to life. It will come with weapons as well as items that were exclusive to the game’s first two seasons. The description reads as “Classic battle Royale gameplay with only the weapons and items that existed during the first two seasons of the game”.

First Player-Created Content Added to Fortnite’s The Block

Epic has announced the very first player-created content for The Block and it is called the Grimy Greens factory. The announcement was made via Fortnite’s Twitter account saying, “Drop to The Block and explore the newest community creation! Get lost in the mysterious Grimy Greens factory made by kaancitak.” As previously announced The Block will be featuring some player created content that has been hand-picked by Epic. Epic will then be adding the chests, floor loot and vehicle spawns.

Vikendi Snow Map Now Live on PUBG

The fourth map for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds called Vikendi is now live for PC. The map is a 6×6 square map that comes with a variety of locations like mountains, open fields, cities, frozen lakes, forests, a Cosmodrome, a dinosaur theme park and so much more. It will also have three different weather patterns which are Day, Moonlight, and Snow. Some unique vehicles also come with the map which are the snow mobile and the snow bike. Vikendi will be available for consoles by January of 2019.

Prison Architect’s Online Multiplayer Has Launched

Introversion Software has got a treat for all of you before they all go into holiday. Prison Architect, the carceral management sim will now have an online multiplayer mode. The developers deem the mode polished enough but is still actually considered an ‘alpha’ having some limitations. The limitations included in the mod are that the Escape mode and Warden mode are not included plus mod support is not available as of yet. No communication is also available in this new mode.

For Honor Might Be Getting an Assassin’s Creed Crossover

Assassin’s Creed might be crossing over to For Honor. This won’t be a surprise though as Ubisoft tends to do these sort of things anyway. The speculation came about as a vague Tweet was shared in For Honor’s official Twitter account showing the emblems of For Honor morphing into that of the Abstergo logo. The first thing that would come to mind, as well as the most obvious, is that there will be an Assassin’s Creed collaboration. We can expect to know more information about this soon.

Black Ops 4 Specialist Zero Has Been Nerfed

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s newest specialist finally gets nerfed. Specialist Zero was released last week, and she is now being considered the most powerful specialist there is all thanks to her hacking ability called the Ice Pick. She is so powerful that Call of Duty players are agreeing not to use her in matches, kind of like an unofficial ban, because of her unfair advantage. Thanks to the 41.10 title update Zero has been significantly nerfed. Check the full patch notes on their site.

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is Now Free, Development Halts

Define Human Studios has announced that they’re pulling the plug on their futuristic battle royale shooter, Islands of Nyne. The announcement comes just a few months after the game launched in Steam Early Access. The game is now free-to-play and the devs will keep the servers up for the forseeable future. Refunds will also be given to those who bought the game and any in-game items regardless of time spent in the game. The devs are also exploring ways for players to host their own servers to keep the game alive.

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