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AKS Gaming News 08/12/2018
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DayZ Has Fully Launched on PC

After almost 5 years in development, DayZ is finally leaving early access and will be launching its 1.0 version this coming December 13th. DayZ previously started as a fan-made mod for Arma 2 back in 2012. The mod proved to be popular as it reached a million players in just four months. Because of its popularity, Bohemia Interactive decided to make it into a standalone game. The December 13 launch date is just for PC. For Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users, the game will be made available by the first quarter of 2019.

Typhoon Studios Announces Journey to the Savage Planet

A new indie game called Journey To The Savage Planet was announced by Typhoon Studios. The studio is comprised of veterans from the Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed series. The game offers a first-person adventure that lets players explore an uncharted planet. It will be available for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One by 2019. The game has been a passion project by the studio where most of their team came from huge companies like Ubisoft and Eidos. This will be published by 505 Games.

Sayonara Wild Hearts From Device 6 Dev Announced for the Switch

During the Game Awards 2018, developer Simogo and Annapurna Interactive, the people behind Device 6 announced a new game for the Nintendo Switch called Sayonara Wild Hearts. The game has been described as a “Pop Album Video Game” which offers a stylistic music-based gameplay. The video is quite short and it mainly features the characters that are available in the game like Dancing Devils, Howling Moons, Stereo Lovers, Hermit64, Little Death, and The Fool.

Epic’s Game Store is Live

The Epic Games Store is now live! The store does have only a few games for right now but they promise to add more games in the future. Here are the games that you can see that is on sale in the site for now: Ashen by A44 and Annapurna Interactive, Hades by Supergiant Games, and Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek by tinyBuild. Soon we can expect Darksiders 3 by Gunfire Games and THQ Nordic, Subnautica by Unknown Worlds, Super Meat Boy by Team Meat, Genesis Alpha One by Radiation Blue and Team17, and so much more.

The Stanley Parable is Heading to Consoles Next Year

Good news for all you fans of the hilarious Stanley Parables as you will be able to play the game on consoles by next year! The console port will be called The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe and it promises brand new endings, new gamepad controls as well as new branching paths. Those who are already playing the game on PC need not fret as the Ultra Deluxe version will be coming to you to via an update! There is no specific date yet for the game’s launch in 2019 or if it would also be available on Switch.

Survival Adventure Game Among Trees to Launch on Early Access Next Year

Another game announced during The Game Awards 2018 is the survival adventure game called Among Trees from FJRD Interactive. For now, there are only a few details given. Among Trees will be launching in Steam’s early access by 2019. The game is a beautifully stylized adventure which is set in a wilderness that is full of color as well as life. This explorable world will have you settling in a cabin, cooking your own food, growing your own crops and even crafting your tools.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Coming in 2019 Exclusive for the Switch

Team Ninja has a treat for those who own a Nintendo Switch! Announced during The Game Awards 2018 is Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 which is a Nintendo Switch exclusive. This will be coming to the handheld hybrid by next year. Of course, all your favorite Marvel heroes will be there from Iron Man to Wolverine, to Groot, to Spiderman, and so much more. The game is also bringing back the cel-shading graphics and it looks amazing. Get to kick Thanos’ butt by 2019 Nintendo Switch style!

Ubisoft Officially Reveals Far Cry New Dawn

Ubisoft has lifted the veil on the next Far Cry game, and as the previous leak suggests, it is indeed called Far Cry: New Dawn. The game is a standalone sequel to Far Cry 5 and is set 17 years after the global nuclear disaster that transformed Hope County, Montana. Players will take on the role of a survivor of the disaster, while the new antagonists are the twins Mickey and Lou. Far Cry New Dawn will be released February 15th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Supergiant Announces New Game Hades

Developer Supergiant who is known for games Bastion and Transistor, has announced a new action game called Hades. This is an isometric action game with the theme revolving around Greek mythology. The official description found in their site states “Defy the god of death as you hack and slash your way out of the Underworld in this rogue-like dungeon crawler.” The game is now available in early access with regular updates and new features to be added as promised by the developers.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Announced

Former Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Desilets has revealed his new game, Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey during The Game Awards 2018. The game is set 10 million years ago in Africa and features resource and survival elements. The game has an open world, and players will start off as an ape, evolving as time passes. More options open up to players as the character evolves. The game was originally planned as an episodic game, but has since changed over the course of its development.

Sci-fi Winter Survival Co-op Shooter Scavengers Announced

New Seattle-based studio Midwinter Entertainment has announced its upcoming game, the ice age survival game with co-op multiplayer shooter elements, Scavengers! The game was announced during The Game Awards 2018. There’s still little information available for the game at this time, but the studio said the game will undergo testing sometime next year. Those who want to take part can sign up in the game’s website.

Rocket League Gets McLaren DLC

Psyonix geared up and zoomed into the spotlight upon announcing the arrival of a brand new DLC for its smashing car soccer game Rocket League. Fans are in for an exciting treat as players can now indulge in rocket madness while driving a McLaren 570S Coupé. Accompanying the car into the game are two McLaren-themed player banners which are available for $1.99.

PUBG Corp Unveils Vikendi Snow Map

Bluehole takes its shot at the spotlight as they announce a new PUBG map carpeted and cloaked in snow called Vikendi. Players are flocking the play test servers in droves, locked and loaded for some sub-zero combat. This beautiful play-space is season appropriate as the PC version leads us into Christmas as it drops on the 19th of December. The console versions are set to be released in January of next year. One tip you must know, you now leave footprints in the snow.

Anthem Gets a New Trailer Showcasing Its World and Story

Players will certainly look upon BioWare with favor as the developer releases a new trailer for Anthem as promised. During The Game awards, Anthem fans lived a jaw-dropping and enlightening experience in unison as they attentively watched the new trailer. The trailer finally reveals to us the face of evil as well as more insight and context to the game’s story. The developers also add that the story will feature player’s choice and promise to maintain the dialog based game-play that the fans adore.

Crash Team Racing Remake Launches June 2019

Buckle up because Crash Team Racing has returned, and is on course for release next year. According to Activision they are currently developing a remake of Naughty Dog’s 1999 kart racing game at studio Beenox. They also announced that It’ll be out June 21, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One. The developers added that all the modes from the original being the Adventure, Arcade, Versus, Battle, and Time Trial, will return and available for online play.

Dauntless Announced for PC and Consoles

Cross-platform play on multiple platform is but a dream for most game developers, but Phoenix Labs is dauntless in its endeavors. At the Game Awards, developer Phoenix Labs announced that Dauntless is coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and mobile. All this was made apparent when they aired a trailer which featured the “One Dauntless” initiative. The agenda is to provide cross-platform play, progression, and account management across all of the mentioned devices and platforms globally.

Obsidian Announces New Game The Outer Worlds

Glee-filled fans is the product of watching The Outer Worlds’ trailer video as Obsidian announces their new RPG. The game appears to follow storytelling linage for which Obsidian is adored. Info gathered from the trailer says players are to expect a story-driven open-world role playing game. The scenery is that of a futuristic sense and there appears to be space travel. The trailer also mirrored some aspects of fallout, specifically the first-person shooter element.

Dead By Daylight Gets New Update With New Chapter, Killer, and Map

Dead by Daylight shows signs of life as developer Behaviour Interactive announces a new killer, map and chapter. The latest chapter labeled Darkness Among Us, will be launching on December 11 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The new killer named The Legion has a unique aspect to him because unlike killers of old, he is human and will therefore become the catalyst of panic among friends as they know not who to trust. There is also a new survivor called Jeff Johannes with an intriguingly dark backstory.

Hello Games Announces New Game The Last Campfire

Hello Games announced The Last Campfire at the Game Awards 2018. This appears to be a story-driven adventure game based on the content of the trailer. The story is of a lost Ember who is walking, rowing and climbing on a journey home, and at the same time conflicted, looking for meaning in the world during his journey. There are creepy and mysterious creatures populating the path the players traverse. Hello Games is the studio behind No man’s Sky.

Pirate Survival MMO Atlas Announced

Studio Wildcard, the creators of Ark Survival Evolved, announced a new pirate survival MMO called Atlas. Studio Wildcard promises a fulfilling and rewarding open world experience. According to the developers, the server is intended to support up to 40,000 players. The studio also boasts of the game as “1200 times bigger than Ark.” But whether it can really hold that many players, is yet to be seen. Atlas launches on early access on Steam on Thursday, December 13th.

Rage 2 Release Date Revealed

Finally! After much anticipation, Bethesda, Avalanche and id Software are unified in announcing a release date for Rage 2. The developers issued a trailer which showed the gameplay and for the most part it is more of the same. You know what they say, if it is not broken, don’t fix it. It appears the dev team has simply magnified all that was good in the predecessor which is not a bad thing because at least then, the game preserves its identity. The game is scheduled for release on May 14th, 2019.

Psychonauts Gameplay Trailer Confirms Release in 2019

The highly-anticipated Psychonauts 2 is here as depicted in an insane gameplay trailer revealed by Double Fine at The Game Awards 2018. Our favorite protagonist Raz is back, and ready to use his acrobatic skills and psychic powers to traverse dangerous paths and uncover “hidden secrets” from the Motherlobe. Get hyped for crazy adventures ahead, as Psychonauts 2 is scheduled to be released in 2019.

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