Alpha 17 preview video

Shodan/ Agosto 26, 2018/ 7 Days to Die

google search 7dtd settings>easy. I am computer and generally games, illiterate, it took me a while I admit to fine tune settings. I played easiest beginning setting, always do w/new games.Not sure what the cheat mode does, never used that in a game. While a level 25 or 50 bow does small damage, doesn`t a max for your level, bow do much more damage? First thing I do besides raid cars for mining helmet if find work bench at a gas station or joes cars, and craft a bunch of axes and bows, yes even bone shivs and repair them up to my max level. Easy peasy? Because you don`t have the best leveled up gear it`s the games fault? Raise your skills for weapons and make even better ones still. Google is the cats meow lol.