PC Building Simulator Update v0.8.9 – We heard you wanted more CORSAIR?!

Shodan/ Agosto 16, 2018/ PC Building Simulator

Hello PC Builders,

We get a lot of requests for various CORSAIR components so the update today gives a nice bump to the available parts from one of your favourite brands. There are still more to come so don’t worry if something is missing from this update.

Build v0.8.9 Highlights

New Parts

CORSAIR Obsidian Series 500D (Case)

CORSAIR Carbide Series Air 740 (Case)

CORSAIR Force Series MP500 M.2 (SSD)

CORSAIR Hydro Series H115i PRO RGB 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler (AIO)

CORSAIR HD120/HD140 RGB LED 120mm/140mm (Case Fans)

New GPU Tuner UI

We have now completed work on the new design for the GPU Tuner application, this much prettier design is now live in this build.

Full Patch Notes:

(Career unlock level is in brackets after its name, all parts available in Free Build right away)

  • New Cases: CORSAIR Obsidian Series 500D (22) & CORSAIR Carbide Series Air 740 (22).
  • New M.2 SSD: CORSAIR Force Series MP500 (24) 120GB/240GB/480GB/960GB.
  • New CPU AIO Water Coolers: CORSAIR H115i PRO RGB 280mm (25) & CORSAIR H150i PRO RGB 360mm (25).
  • New Case Fans: CORSAIR HD120/HD140 RGB LED (18), CORSAIR ML120/ML140 (18) & CORSAIR LL120/LL140 RGB (18).
  • New Motherboard: Gigabyte X470 AORUS GAMING 7 WIFI (17).
  • Replaced the UI for the GPU Tuner application.
  • Reduced the supported max PSU length on the Raijintek Thetis.
  • When the UI is hidden via the hotkey (Default H) it should re-enable when pressing Esc or bringing up the Inventory.
  • Max RAM voltage has been increased to 2.
  • Adjusted Simplified Chinese translation of Free Build.
  • When using a controller you can now pan the camera with the cursor by moving it to the edges of the screen.
  • M.2 product images are now rotated around the correct way.

What’s Next?

If all goes to plan, something big…

Happy CORSAIR Building!

The PC Building Simulator Team