Update 4 Fixes v0.4.0.11

Caden Miller/ Aprile 10, 2021/ Satisfactory

Hi Pioneers!

When I said “see you all again very soon” I really meant it, here’s some more goodies to enjoy for the weekend.

Did we make everything worse? Did we make everything better? More unintended new bugs? Let us know at our QA site https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/ We will read your feedback with our morning coffee on Monday 🙂

Have a nice weekend everybody, thank you for playing our game <3


  • Moved Hover Pack to early Tier 7 and replaced Cooling System and Radio Control Unit by Heavy Modular Frame and Computer in its recipe.
  • Jetpack no longer requires Computers for its unlock, making it a bit easier to unlock in early Tier 6.
  • Rebalanced Plutonium production
    – Generally reduced Nitrogen usage and reduced Bauxite and Sulfur usage on some alts.
    – Updated radiation levels to fit new item production rates.
  • Updated Sink point values for items affected by recent balance changes.
  • Reduced default round-trip Battery cost for Drones to 4 (from 5) and reduced cost/distance from 1.66 to 1 Battery per kilometre.

Recipe Rebalances:

  • Nitric Acid: Halved output and halved Water and Nitrogen input
  • Non-fissile Uranium: Halved Nitric Acid input (Nitrogen usage reduced by 50%)
  • Fertile Uranium: Reduced Nitric Acid usage from 40 to 15 per minute (Nitrogen usage reduced by 62.5%) and reduced Sulfuric Acid usage from 40 to 25 per minute.
  • Instant Plutonium Cell: No longer uses Nitrogen, reduced Aluminum Casing from 25 to 10 per minute.
  • Halved Uranium Waste output (From 20 to 10 per minute)
  • Halved Uranium Waste usage on all relevant recipes, so ratios remain the same:
    – Non-fissile Uranium 72 to 37.5 per min
    – Fertile Uranium: 50 to 25 per min
    – Plutonium Pellet: 50 to 25 per min


  • Adjusted Hover Pack volume settings.
  • Reverted the fix: “Fixed a bug that prevented Miners from being upgraded/downgraded” as it erroneously allowed extractors to be upgraded into other Extractors. (Read more in the “Known Issues” section at the bottom)


  • Refactored scalability implementation for background thread. Makes the system more future proof and mod friendly.
  • Fixed more conveyor belt items.


  • Added a bunch of logging to hopefully help with the Modding save issues.
  • Added a change that may help find missing content on load for modded sessions (Maybe).


  • Some LODS will look a bit off this patch (again), Proper fix soon™
  • Yesterday’s patch with the “Fixed a bug that prevented Miners from being upgraded/downgraded” fix enabled Extractors to be erroneously upgraded into other extractors (I.E. Water Extractor into Oil Extractor) this could result in crashes and other undefined behaviour, we recommend dismantling/rebuilding any Extractors upgraded to another type of Extractor due to this bug as it might lead to future issues.
    Proper fix for the Miners not being able to be upgraded/downgraded soon™