Update 4 Balance Patch v0.4.0.8

Caden Miller/ Aprile 1, 2021/ Satisfactory

Hi Pioneers!

The weekend is near and we know that’s the best time to play Satisfactory so here’s a balance patch for you all to try out! 😀

Let us know how good and amazing the changes are in our QA site https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/ if they aren’t good you can also tell us I guess

See you all again soon, wish you all the best <3


  • Increased the Bauxite usage on most alternative recipes using Bauxite or Aluminum parts.
  • Increased Aluminum usage of Radio Control Units and Heat Sinks (Standard recipes).
  • Rebalanced Plutonium Fuel Rod standard recipe, increased power yield, and reduced Plutonium Waste production.
  • Rebalanced all Alternative Plutonium Recipes.
  • Fixed and rebalanced Infused Uranium Cell recipe.

Exact Standard recipe changes:

  • Radio Control Units cost slightly more casings now (from 30 to 40 per minute).
  • Heat sink production rate has been lowered to 7.5/min (from 10/min) and now costs more Alclad Sheets and less Copper Sheets (From 4 to 5 and 4.5 to 3 per Heat Sink, respectively).
  • Plutonium Fuel Rods now produce four times as much power but cost twice as much and are produced at half the rate.
  • Encased Plutonium Cells output at half the rate to match new Plutonium Fuel Rod production.
  • Fixed up a mistake made with the Non-fissile Uranium standard recipe (the numbers for Sulfuric Acid and Nitric Acid were swapped… oops).
  • Halved Plutonium Waste output per minute (was 2 per generator, is now 1).

Exact Alternative recipe changes:

  • Sloppy Alumina & Electro:
    – Aluminum Scrap: Adapted the numbers and increased bauxite usage.
  • Instant (Aluminum) Scrap:
    – Adapted numbers for water (input and output).
  • Pure Aluminum Ingot:
    – Slightly increased both input and output rate (ratios are the same).
  • Alclad Casing:
    – Increased Aluminum Ingot usage.
  • Radio Control System:
    – Increased Aluminum Casing usage.
  • Heat Exchanger:
    – Increased usage of Aluminum Casing by 100% and Rubber by 50%.
  • Cooling Device:
    – Increased Heat Sink usage.
  • Turbo Rigour Motor:
    – Renamed to Turbo Electric Motor, decreased Electromagnetic Control Rod and Rotor usage, increased Radio Control Unit.
  • Turbo Pressure Motor:
    – Reduced Packaged Nitrogen, Pressure Conversion Cube, and Stator usage.
  • Infused Uranium Cell:
    – Properly uses Uranium instead of Uranium Pellets now, did another balance pass while we were at it.
  • Non-fissile Uranium:
    – Reduced Nitric and Sulfuric Acid usage, reduced water output.
  • Instant Plutonium Cell:
    – Reduced Nitrogen usage, halved output rate to match new Plutonium Fuel Rod balance
  • Plutonium Fuel Unit:
    – Doubled production time.