Update 4 Hotfix v0.4.0.2

Caden Miller/ Marzo 17, 2021/ Satisfactory

Hi Pioneers!

Hello again everybody, thank you all for your comments, we’re extremely happy to see that you’re enjoying the update <3

Thank you for all your reports in our QA site as well https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/ we’ll continue monitoring it to make sure there aren’t any huge issues preventing you all from enjoying the game.

With that said we have fixed a lot of stuff already so let’s get right into it!

There was a small hotfix deployed yesterday for a crash a lot of people were experiencing when loading their saves, patch notes were as follows:

Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) – v0.4.0.1 – Build 146943


  • Fixed one of our current top crashes

Now, for today’s patch notes:


  • M.A.M. completion pop up in HUD
  • 144 FPS lock option


  • Fixed Freight Carts still having collision when empty
  • Fixed loading/unloading Freight Carts while standing on or near it crushing players
  • Fixed some Resource Wells not allowing Extractors/Pressurisers to be placed
  • Fixed some options being missing from the options menu
  • Fixed FPS settings not saving
  • Fixed Motion Blur value not being applied correctly
  • Fixed Auto Save not working
  • Fixed Graphical Options not saving
  • Fixed a Crash that would happen on saves where Water Pumps had been wrongly upgraded to Geothermal Generators due to a previous bug
  • Changed max width of tooltips so longer recipes don’t go out of bounds
  • Changed the size of some things in the Build Menu info so the cost slots can be regular size
  • Fixed the colours when hovering over the M.A.M. text
  • Fixed the button of the craft bench glowing
  • Fixed characters appearing as giants when holding the Snowball Pile
  • Fixed M.A.M. completion global sound not playing
  • Updated the size of the Alternate Recipe buttons in the M.A.M.
  • Fixed the last tier of the Space Elevator being unlockable without completing the requirements for it
  • Fixed a visual bug in the Hadron Collider UI
  • Fixed being unable to add things to cart in the “You may also like” section of the AWESOME Shop
  • Potentially fixed a crash in the dot damage component
  • Fixed a crash when opening the Map
  • Fixed a mistake with the output of an alternate recipe for Supercomputer
  • Potential fix for a conveyor renderer crash
  • Fix for a crash related to invalid player pawn
  • Hotfix on lighting #praiseben


  • Fixed Power Grid typo
  • Miscellaneous fixes and debug changes
  • Updated all languages with the latest translations