FICS*MAS In-Game Holiday Event Now Available!

Caden Miller/ Dicembre 1, 2020/ Satisfactory

Hi Pioneers!

This December Holiday Content and Event were brought to you by the FICSIT Inc. internal marketing department.

The in-game Event is available in both Early Access & Experimental versions of the game until Jan 18th, 2021!

Any resemblance to external holidays, celebrations, events, traditions, historical or contemporary, and their products, is purely coincidental.

FICS*MAS In-Game Holiday Event Now Available!
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Patch Notes
Patch Notes: Early Access – v0.3.7.0 – Build 138299

The Conveyor Belt networking rework is now live on Early Access. But, as you probably have already noticed, that is not the only thing changing today. We added some seasonal event content for you to explore December through January!

While we could not push a big update before the end of this year, we still wanted to give you something new over the holidays. So, we spent a little bit of time on this FICSIT themed event. What exactly we have changed and added you will have to find for yourself over the course of December, but we really hope you all will enjoy it! And if you don’t, you can simply turn the event off in the gameplay options from the main menu.

There is some additional stuff in this patch as well that we added previously on Experimental, such as translation updates, some bug fixes and some optimizations. You can find all the details in the patch notes below.

Hope you all are having a great time and will enjoy the event <3 Merry FICS*MAS!

PS: Experimental and Early Access are now the same again for the time being, so the only thing added do Experimental is the FICS*MAS content.


  • A new FICS*MAS MAM tree to unlock event content
  • A FICS*MAS Calendar next to the HUB terminal filled with some surprises and parts necessary to advance the FICS*MAS event
  • Pickupable FICS*MAS gifts falling from the sky
  • Several unlockable event related parts
  • Several unlockable event related buildings to decorate with
  • Two unlockable event equipment variations
  • A number of event related cosmetic changes


  • Reworked Conveyor Belt networking system for better performance and stability


  • Enabled update rate optimizations on:
    • Freight Platform/Fluid Freight Platform (Will be tweaked further in the future)
    • Nuclear Power Plant
    • Packager
  • Fixed tick type for:
    • Electric Locomotive
    • Freight Cart
    • Freight Platform/Fluid Freight Platform
    • Nuclear Power Plant
    • Packager
    • Resource sink
  • Fixed cull distance on Freight Platform/Fluid Freight Platform
  • Fixed distance field update settings on the Train Station/Truck Station
  • Fixed up significance on particle effects
  • Attempt at reducing Freight Cart update costs
  • Removed some unnecessary checks when loading a save


  • Added extra options:
    • Maintain Y-Axis FOV Aspect Ratio
    • First Person FOV Modifier
  • Added console command:
    • ToggleDebugOverlay


  • Updated all languages with the latest translations


  • Fixed Search boxes being case sensitive in languages other than English
  • Fixed log file spam when playing the game in Korean
  • Programmable and Smart Splitter now properly resets to the full item list when the search is deleted