Conveyor Networking Rework Update 2 (EXPERIMENTAL)

Caden Miller/ Novembre 16, 2020/ Satisfactory

Hi Pioneers!

To start off this week we have some fixes to some of the crashes you might have been experiencing in the latest Experimental Update while playing on Multiplayer, there are still a few of them that we are working on so please keep your crash reports coming and if you’re experiencing any sort of issue, please let us know in our QA site at: so we can continue to polish this patch.

In this update, we have bunch of new optimization improvements which should be mainly apparent on big factories where there is a lot of these buildings are repeated.

We have also fixed a bug with log files getting a lot of spam and resulting in a big waste of Hard Drive space, If you were playing in Korean and didn’t know about this you can check your log files in “AppDataLocalFactoryGameSavedLogs” and delete any log files you might not want.

If you still see something wrong with your logs after playing with this new Update, please let us know at the QA site above.

Thanks for playing and see you soon <3


  • Fixed some Conveyor replication Issues
  • Fixed log file spam when playing the game in Korean


  • Enabled update rate optimizations on:
    – Freight Platform/Fluid Freight Platform (Will be tweaked further in the future)
    – Nuclear Power Plant
    – Packager
  • Fixed tick type for:
    – Electric Locomotive
    – Freight Cart
    – Freight Platform/Fluid Freight Platform
    – Nuclear Power Plant
    – Packager
    – Resource sink
  • Fixed cull distance on Freight Platform/Fluid Freight Platform


  • Updated all languages with the latest translations