The Fluids Update

Caden Miller/ Novembre 10, 2020/ Satisfactory


Satisfactory Fluids Update Patch Notes
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The fluids update (aka update 0.3.6, aka the November Update in October, aka the update between update 3 and update 4) is now available on the Early Access branch of the game! If you haven’t been able to check it out on the Experimental branch or followed us on any of our streams[] highlighting all the features in this update, then let me break it down for ya!

Also, Patch Notes can be found at the bottom of this post.

The Packager

This bad boy can pack/unpack so many liquids. While it doesn’t really add any new feature in the game, the packager is a cheaper building for specifically handling the packaging/unpackaging of liquids.

  • It consumes 10 MW of power.
  • It costs 10 plastic, 10 rubber, 20 steel beams to construct.
  • It has all the ‘packaging‘ and ‘unpackaging‘ recipes that was previously in the refinery with the exception of diluted packaged fuel alternative recipe.

    This is because that one is not actually about packaging or unpackaging, it mixes Heavy Oil Residue with Water to create diluted fuel which is a process the Packager shouldn’t handle.

    This is also due to balancing as some setups would be very strong. We might move it later once we feel comfortable rebalancing that stuff again.

  • It’s much smaller than a refinery. It perfectly fits on a single foundation and is less than 3 walls high.
  • The inputs and outputs on each side of the packager are now vertically placed on the building.

    This is currently the only production building that does this. It is a bit of a test case, but we’re quite confident it will work out well. It is mostly to reduce all the crisscrossing of belts and pipes while setting up a large row of them. Make sure to let us know what you think of this!

Any refineries currently running any packaging and unpackaging recipes will still work after the update, but we are looking into removing the option to select those recipes in the refinery. So existing setups will still work but from that point on the packager will be needed for any new setups using those recipes.

New Jump Pads and Ceiling/wall power mounts

For the Fluids Update we’ve also added a few Quality-of-Life features for the game. One of which is changing a little bit how jump pads work in the game.

Jump Pads
  • Previously Jump Pads would just apply a uniform force on the player when they step up on them. Now jump pads will instead calculate the force needed to hit the target, making them much more reliable.
  • Upon construction the angle of the jump pad can now be configured with a visual indication of simulated player trajectory.
  • Jump Pads will consume power by charging up. It can charge itself up to 3 times. It will only consume power during the charge and then idle until the next charge. One jump consumes a single charge.

Ceiling & Wall Power mounts
  • Power mounts can now be mounted at the bottom of foundations, making it possible to run power mounts in the ceiling of your factories.
  • When dragging wires from buildables the connector will now match from what surface is aimed towards, meaning it will automatically switch between power poles for ground, wall mounts for walls, etc.

In the above video you may also see some pioneers sitting down. This is unfortunately not coming until Update 4 and the person making the video has been fired seven times. This is just a cosmetic feature where any players not currently in the session will sit down and once they join the pioneer will stand up.


Of course, the most important new feature in the minor update is the addition of ladders!

  • Their height can be adjusted.
  • They can be attached to walls and under and on the side of foundations.

Pipeline Mk.2

For some reason people wanted more pipes so I guess we’re adding that.

  • Unlocked in Tier 6.
  • They cost 2 copper sheets and 1 plastic.
  • Maximum flowrate is 600m3 per minute.
  • Pipes can be upgraded similar to conveyor belts.
  • There are currently no plans for mk.3 pipes, and even if we add that the maximum flow rate will stay at 600m3 due to technical limitations.

Pump Mk.2
  • Unlocked in Tier 6, with the Mk.2 Pipe.
  • Costs 2 motors, 8 plastic, and 4 encased industrial beams.
  • Consumes 8 MW of power.
  • Maximum recommend head lift is 50 meters. Like with Mk.1 pumps, it allows 10% more before it actually stops pumping, so it can pump up to 55 meters effectively.
  • The length is the same as the Mk.1 pump’s length.
  • Mk.1 pumps were scaled down by ~75% of their original size as we felt they were clipping too often for players.
  • We’ve added hologram head lift feedback for pumps to see how far the pump will push fluid through the pipe.
  • Pumps can now be snapped to the optimal head lift distance, meaning it’s a lot easier to build pumps at the perfect distance.
  • Pumps can also now be rotated for more fine tuning of placement.

  • They cost 4 rubber and 4 steel beams.
  • Unlocked in Tier 5, in the Oil Processing milestone
  • Allows players to limit the maximum flow rate of a pipeline.
  • Valves do not stop head lift.
  • Valves do stop backflow (so they are directional).
  • Valves do not consume power.

If you wanna see these in action you can also check out our teasers leading up the release of the update!

Fluids Update on Experimental

Watch this video on YouTube.

Ladders, Pipes, Pumps, and Valve
Watch this video on YouTube.

Jumps pads, Wire connectors
Watch this video on YouTube.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk. Hope you’ll enjoy the minor update and stay tuned for more things to come!


Patch Notes

Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) – v0.3.6.5 – Build 136408

  • Packager 
    • Unlockable in Tier 5, Alternative Fluid Transport
    • New building for packaging and unpackaging recipes 
  • Pipeline Mk.2 
    • Unlockable in Tier 6, Pipeline Engineering Mk.2
    • Able to transport 600m³ of fluids per minute
  • Pipeline Pump Mk.2
    • Unlockable in Tier 6, Pipeline Engineering Mk.2
    • Has a total head lift of 50 meters
  • Head lift feedback
    • When building Pipeline pumps there is now feedback to help placing them for optimal head lift distribution
  • Valve
    • Unlockable in Tier 5, Oil Processing
    • New attachment that can be used to limit the flow rate of a pipeline
  • Ladder
    • Unlockable in the AWESOME Shop
    • Their height can be adjusted by dragging the mouse Up/Down before placing
    • Just like the Wall attachments, they also can attach to Walls and under and on the side of Foundations
  • Two new alternate recipes
    • Steel Canister
    • Coated Iron Canister
  • Pipeline Pumps can now be rotated before being placed 
  • Wall attachments can now be placed under and on the side of Foundations (Power/Pipeline/Hyper Tube Wall attachments) 
  • Jump Pads (Overhaul)
    • Added visual feedback with the launch trajectory for the current Jump Pad and pre-existing ones while building
    • Launch angle can be adjusted while placing with Mouse Wheel, extra fine tuning is possible by holding down Ctrl while adjusting the angle 
    • Updated visuals, it is now a new single mesh instead of several different ones 
    • Renamed previous iteration of the Jump Pads to “Old Jump Pad” 
    • Removed Old Jump Pads from the Build menu, Codex and Quick Search 
  • Refinery
    • Updated visuals 
    • Updated build menu icon
  • Improved connection mesh for Power Poles and Wall Power Poles to always face the player and position better
  • Realigned ladders on some buildings where you could not grab onto them properly when climbing down
  • Fixed the capitalization of coal in the Resource Scanner 
  • Fixed items being invisible near crash sites in certain parts of the map 
  • Build gun hologram will automatically switch to Wall Power Poles when aiming at a Wall or Foundation Side/Bottom when building a cable
  • You cannot put Power Slugs or Hard Drives in the trash
  • Removed velocity checks from Ladders so you can always grab onto them  
  • Updated all languages with the latest translations 
  • Added new language: Serbian (Latin)