Fluids Update Fixes – Patch Notes

Caden Miller/ Novembre 6, 2020/ Satisfactory

Hi Pioneers!

I’m sure nobody was expecting the next patch to be that soon, were you? :D, just to give you all a little extra here’s some stuff to play around with before the weekend, as always your feedback means a lot to us so here’s some balancing for our latest additions and a few extra bug fixes

If you happen to spot any issues please let us know at https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/ we will appreciate reading all your posts with our morning coffee on Monday

But until then, have a great weekend and keep enjoying the game, see you again soon! <3


  • Valve is now unlocked in Tier 5, Oil Processing. (Was previously in Tier 6, Expanded Power Infrastructure). The cost of the Valve is unchanged.
  • Pipeline Mk.2 and Pump Mk.2 are now located in their own Milestone in Tier 6. (Were previously in Tier 7, Bauxite Refinement.)
    – The new Milestone, ‘Pipeline Engineering Mk.2’, costs: 1000 Copper Sheets, 400 Plastic, 400 Rubber, 50 Heavy Modular Frames.
  • To fit the new unlock location Pipeline and Pump Mk.2 building costs have changed to:
    – Pipeline Mk.2: 2 Copper Sheets + 1 Plastic
    – Pump Mk.2: 2 Motor + 4 Encased Industrial Beams + 8 Plastic
  • Pump Mk.2 power consumption was reduced from 12 to 8 MW.


  • Fixed items being invisible near crash sites in certain parts of the map
  • Actually fixed the capitalization for Coal in the Resource Scanner