Development Update!

Caden Miller/ Maggio 29, 2020/ Satisfactory

Steam Release when???

Hey everybody!

You’ve all been very patient waiting for the steam release and I’m gonna give ya a quick update on things and stuff!

We’ve said for quite some time that our intention has been to release the game on steam sometime late May. And that is still our goal.

We’re currently in the last phase of testing the steam version to make sure that online sessions work both between steam friends, and cross-play.

At the end of this week we’ll be able to give you a more definite answer as to when you can expect Satisfactory to be available on steam.

It really is coming down to the wire so please bear with us as we figure out the last few things before we can officially say when we know for sure it’s coming out! 🙂

Until then, stay safe, and take care!