AMA for upcoming YouTube video

Caden Miller/ Maggio 29, 2020/ Satisfactory

Hey gang!

We’re getting closer to finally be able to release the game on steam! We still don’t have a release date ready just yet but in the meantime we’re making a Q&A video for our YouTube channel (httpv:// where we try and answer as many questions from our community as we can!

So if you have any hard burning questions about the game, or anything related to it, then feel free to hit us up in this thread, our other socials like Twitter or Reddit, or leave a comment to this post!

If you have any questions regarding the steam release pls check the pinned post for frequently asked questions about the Steam Release on our forums to double check your question hasn’t already been answered there.

Current goal is still to release sometime later this month (May) if everything goes right. We don’t have an official release date yet, but we’ll announce one as soon as we have one we know we for sure can release on!

We also try and answer your questions on our weekly dev streams we do on Tuesdays 4 pm CEST here on steam and on our twitch channel[] so you can check that out as well if that floats your boat!