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AKS Gaming News 13/08/2019
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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Reaches 3.8 Million in Sales

The latest game from FromSoftware, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice was able to sell about 3.8 million units as of its launch date which was in June this year. With roughly over a month in the market, this is actually a huge number for publisher Activision. This figure though is just for the units that had been sold to the retailers and not the sell-through to the players. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice actually was the second-best-selling game of March according to the US NPDs and maintained it in April and May.

New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Tournament Mode Now Live

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 4.0 update brings a new online tournament mode to the game and this would bring periodical special event tourneys. The first of which is called the Heroes vs. Villains where certain heroes and villains can be chosen in a match that has a time limit of two minutes and thirty seconds. Those participating will get a Spirit prize. To join, you must have a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Other event tourneys will be made available in the future so stay tuned for that.

Black Desert Beta Now Live On PS4

The open-world action MMORPG Black Desert has a beta available for PlayStation 4, now and ending on the 13th. This a free-to-play beta that will give players the chance to try out three regions namely the Serendia, Balenos, and Calpheon. The rank available to be reached in the beta is up to 50 and players are able to fully customize a character. Playing in the beta will also reward you with an exclusive Sky Hawk pet. Black Desert already launched for the PC and Xbox One, PS4 will get a launch on the 22nd.

Mechs in Fortnite is Now Harder to Find

With Fortnite introducing the B.R.U.T.E mechs, the direction of the fights had been drastically changed and players are not happy. Most fans are saying that these mechs should go, but the developers are meeting them halfway making these mechs harder to find. Epic Games shared the likeliness that these mechs will be available in a Reddit post. What it basically says is that there will no longer be one hundred percent B.R.U.T.E. mech spawns in the game, some Storms only having forty-four percent.

Grid is Coming to Gamescom 2019 and is Fully Playable

Those who are able to join Gamescom 2019 will have a treat as Grid will be playable to the public for the first time here. Those who are interested would just have to go to the Deep Silver and Friends stand which is located in Hall 9 or you can also go to the Microsoft Xbox booth in Hall 8. Grid will allow you to play against 400 different AI race personalities. Fernando Alonso, an F1 Racer had been a Race Consultant for the game, and he also appears in it too. Grid launches on October 11 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Reaches 1.1 Million Units Shipped

The open-world, action role-playing game Dragon Quest Builders 2 was able to surpass 1.1 million shipped units of the game. To celebrate this milestone, Square Enix announced that a special Modernist Pack DLC will be available. This will include more than 70 recipes that have modern-looking structures, as well as hairstyles and clothing to use. Luxury hotels and modern condominiums will be available with this DLC. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is available for Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4.

EA Trademarks Plants Vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville

Recent leaks have surfaced that Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 3 will be called Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville. This may have been confirmed as a listing for that name was trademarked in Europe recently. Neighborville is actually a suburban setting found in the Plants vs. Zombies comics. A leaked description of the game had been shared as well saying that the game will have 20 character classes, three free-roam regions, a social region, 9 PvP modes, and a 4v4 battle arena.

SteamWorld Quest New Update Revealed

SteamWorld Quest, the deckbuilding DLC has a new free update that adds a new game plus to the game as well as a new difficulty setting. The difficulty mode is called Legend Remix and this is only available on the new game plus. There will be harder to beat enemies as well as added twists. In the game plus, your character will be reset but you will get to keep most of your cards and items. Also with the update are new artwork in a gallery and a jukebox of the game’s entire soundtrack is also available.

Paid Weapon DLC to be Available in Killing Floor 2

Tripwire Interactive has announced that they will be offering paid weapon DLCs in the future for their game Killing Floor 2. The game had been available for almost three years now and during that period the developers had been generous with free content updates. However, with how it’s going, Tripwire said that they would need to start making money in order to sustain the game. They decided to have paid DLCs in the future, but this doesn’t mean that they will be stopping the free content updates.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Renaissance Update Details Shared

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator which is currently in Steam Early Access has a new update coming out this week. This update will come with a new map, campaign, units as well as the Renaissance faction. The new faction’s new map looks like a Venetian courtyard with beautiful colorful buildings along the edge of a canal. This will also come with a 32-level campaign and seven new units which are the Halberd, Fencer, Musketeer, Balloon Archer, Painter, Jouster and the Da Vinci Tank which is a Boss Unit.

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Resurrection DLC Launches This Month

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is getting its first DLC for its second season. The DLC is called Resurrection and it comes with a new story campaign where players will be facing Cyclon threats that are both old and new. A new war room will be added which is a reconstruction of the famous Galactica CIC. New ships are also added like the Jupiter Mk II and the Cratus-class basestar. Another thing that the DLC comes with is the new squadrons called the Colonials. Resurrection will launch on August 29th.

WoW Classic Servers Announced, Pre-Registration Available

Blizzard was able to announce the servers for the World of Warcraft Classic that will be launching later this month. Also, players are actually able to start reserving character names as well. There will be thirteen realms which will include eleven in the Americas and two in Oceania, you can go to their official site for the complete list with the name, type, and time zone. The servers are split between normal and PvP types. Players are able to create up to three characters on a server and name them.

GRID 2 Removed from Digital Storefronts

GRID 2 has been removed from digital storefronts for reasons yet to be disclosed. This came to light when it failed to appear when sought after on Steam. Instead, its place is occupied with a note that reads “at the request of the publisher, GRID 2 is no longer available for sale on Steam.” Some speculate that its removal is due to rights to cars, tracks, or music expiring. In any case, if you had previously purchased the game it is still available to you for download.

Decay of Logos Release Date Announced

Amplify Creations is currently gearing up to release its new and exciting role-playing game, Decay of Logos. According to the developer, the game is set to be released later this month. Soon you will get to experience the captivating story that encompasses revenge, betrayal and revelations. To acquire the revenge you seek, must vanquish loads of enemies, explore numerous dungeons, and traverse a world that mirrors elements subjects from high fantasy tales and European folklore.

FIFA 20’s New Trailer Showcases Volta mode

EA recently released a new trailer brandishing FIFA 20’s all-new Volta mode and it has been the cause for much excitement among fans of the franchise. One major reason for the excitement is, the nostalgia triggered as the new Volta mode resembles the widely embraced FIFA Streets of 2012. According to the developer, the Volta mode awards players an opportunity to experience street-style gameplay that has been highly requested and once thought abandoned. FIFA 20 is due out on September 27, 2019.

Knights and Bikes Launch Date Revealed

Foam Sword Games has officially announced the release date for its action-adventure game, Knights and Bikes. The announcement also came with a gameplay trailer that showcases the game’s unique art style and equally unique characters that you can play as. The story follows two kids who are exploring an island in search of legendary lost treasure with their bikes as their primary means for transportation. Knights and Bikes will be released on August 27, 2019, for PS4 and PC.

Gears 5’s Escape Mode Has Map Maker Attached

Gears 5 will provide players with the opportunity to do a little DIY as it has its very own map maker. The developers also talk about a new cooperative hive-bursting PVE mode named escape, where teams covertly shimmy through a series of levels and splatter the Swarm. The new map maker enables players to customize exactly how they would want that carnage to be represented. Gears 5 is scheduled for release on September 10, 2019, for Xbox One and PC.

System Shock 2 Remake In Development

To the delight of seasoned System Shock 2 players, Nightdive Studios has announced that it is working on an enhanced edition of the action, survival, first-person RPG. This news came via a tweet published on the developer’s Twitter account that read “You asked for it and we are working on it!” As expected, the developers have not yet divulged an official release date or even a release window but it is still very exciting news for the fans as the devs are finally adhering to their request.

Still There Announced

GhostShark recently released an announcement trailer for the dark, pensive game named Still There. From what can be gathered from the trailer and game description. Still, there is a space adventure game in which players will confront popular emotional demons such as depression, isolation, and grief. However, the developer wants players to appreciate and thoroughly enjoy the game’s dark sense of humor and gameplay that features the trusty yet eccentric AI companion, Gorky.

Those Who Remain Gets a New Publisher and Trailer

Camel 101 has officially announced that Those Who Remain is now being published under a new a new publishing company. In issuing this announcement developer also released a new gameplay trailer that effectively captures and presents the creepy aura of the game. The new publisher onboard is Wired Productions, who will work in conjunction to assure the success of the game. Fans are currently looking forward to Gamescom when the title will be showcased.

CCS Announces All-women’s Siege League

During the Rainbow Six Siege league this fall, the Cyberathlete Championship Series will be holding an all-women’s championship round. They are planning to get about eight teams per region. The sign-ups are announced to be happening later this month. At the moment there are only two women pro players in Siege and CSS would want to develop as well as showcase other talented women players to eventually have more pro players that are women. Sign-ups will begin on August 18th through September 7th.

Need for Speed 2019 To be Unveiled Soon

Electronic Arts will officially reveal the next part in the Need for Speed franchise on August 14, 2019. This is surely exciting news for fans of the multi-award winning franchise as soon they will get a solid update as to what is to be expected of the title when it eventually releases. The publisher has placed a counter on the game’s official website so players can countdown to the precise moment the presentation will occur. Hopefully, the game will warrant all the hype associated.

Black Mesa Gonarch Beta Receives New Update

Crowbar Collective recently released a brand new update for the beta build of Black Mesa. Based on the patch notes, the Gonarch Beta HotFix comes bearing remedies to numerous gameplay issues. The update also comes with some new UI fixes and changes geared towards correcting major performance drops when using the new UI. Steam automatically downloads this patch if you have opted in to the game’s beta build. U can visit the game’s official website to view the full update notes.

A Way Out Reaches Two Million Copies Sold Around The Globe

Hazelight Studios announced that their two-player co-op game called A Way Out featuring Leo and Vincent was able to sell two million copies worldwide. The game was able to hit its first million mark back in April 2018 and it took them over a year to hit the two million mark. Along with this announcement is that the studio is working on their next co-op game which they said is not a sequel to the game A Way Out. No other information was made available for this new game as of yet just that, “you will go nuts!”


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