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AKS Gaming News 20/07/2019
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New Dinosaur Survival MMO Path of Titan Announced

There’s a new dinosaur survival MMO in town, and it’s currently in development! The game is called Path of Titans, and it lets you play as a dinosaur. Path of Titans features an extensive environment where players must survive not only AI creatures, but also other players. Up to 200 players are supported in the game. Survival is also crucial as players must find water and hunt prey for food so they won’t die. The game is currently being crowdfunded and will be available on PC.

Super Mario Maker 2 is June 2019’s Best-Seller

Super Mario Maker 2 is June 2019’s best-selling game, according to a report released by the NPD Group. The report says the game’s launch month has surpassed the original Super Mario Maker and its 3DS version’s respective launch months. Following on second place is Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, with Mortal Kombat 11 in third. GTA 5 is still going strong and is at 4th place, followed by Minecraft on 5th.

Marvel’s Avengers Demo Footage to be Released After Gamescom

After a seemingly unimpressive reveal at this year’s E3, Square Enix has promised that they will be showcasing a more polished demo of Marvel’s Avengers after this year’s Gamescom. A tweet from the game’s official Twitter handle reads: “Shaun shares some super exciting news! The team is hard at work polishing our A-Day demo, and we’re going to release the footage online the week after Gamescom finishes.” Gamescom 2019 runs from August 20th until the 24th.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Expansion Pass and DLC Revealed

Marvel Game Studios has announced Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s first DLC characters. The first one includes Loki, Cyclops, Colossus, Blade, Moon Knight, Punisher, and Morbius. These characters may be free, unlockable, or paid — Marvel Game Studios is yet to reveal more concrete details on these character DLCs. Cyclops and Colossus, for example, are not playable when the game launches, but will be added on August 30th, and are not part of the paid expansion pack for the game.

Gears 5 Arcade Deathmatch Skulls Lets Players Buy Weapons

Gears 5’s Arcade Deathmatch mode has a feature that allows players to earn some sort of currency to exchange for better weapons. In Arcade Deathmatch, players will battle it out to be the first team to stack 50 bodies. Getting kills and assist will let players accrue Skulls which are then used to buy more powerful weapons. Players who will take part in the Gears 5 alpha tech test will be able to try Arcade Deathmatch. An Xbox Game Pass is required to participate in the alpha tech test.

Borderlands: GOTY Free Weekend on PC and Xbox One Announced

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition is currently having a free weekend on Steam and Xbox One! This offer is available until Sunday, July 21st, at 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 9pm BST for Steam players, and 11:59pm PT / 2:59am ET / 7:59am BST for Xbox One players. The free weekend will include all GOTY content. The game is also currently available at 50% off on Xbox One and Steam until July 29th.

Splatoon 3 Not in Production

Splatoon producer Hisashi Nogami said in an interview with Famitsu that Splatoon 3 is currently not in the works. Nogami added that he’s also not entirely sure whether Splatoon 3 will even be worked on, as they are still thinking about what to do moving forward. “We’re not yet at a phase where we can make a promise, but we’d like to return the favor in some sort of way to many people who have supported us,” he said.

Epic Games Store’s Latest Free Game is Limbo

The latest free game on the Epic Games Store is here! This week, you can get the 2D side-scrolling platformer Limbo. The game is currently free to download until July 25th. You simply need an Epic Games Store account to add this game to your library, and you can keep it forever, too. Limbo features a dark, monochromatic world full of dangers and stars a boy who’s on a journey to look for his sister.

GTA Online Diamond Casino and Resort Update Announced

Grand Theft Auto Online players are getting a new free DLC, Rockstar announced. The DLC is called The Diamond Casino and Resort, and it will be available starting July 23rd. The Diamond Casino and Resort can be found at the corner of Vinewood Park Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard. This casino will let players use Chips for Blackjack, Roulette, and Three Card Poker, and even use the Slot Machines. It also has a lounge for virtual horse races, and a lobby where a Lucky Wheel can be spinned for a chance to win cash and clothing.

Super Mega Baseball 2 is Getting an Ultimate Edition

Super Mega Baseball 2 is getting an Ultimate Edition, and as much requested by fans, it will also be coming to Switch. The Ultimate Edition will be available starting July 25th not only for the Switch version, but also for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Ultimate Edition includes all Super Mega Baseball 2 content, full online play, and it runs at 60fps on the Switch’s handheld and docked modes.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Coming to PC Next Month

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is coming to PC, Double Damage has announced. The game will be available through the Epic Games Store starting August 13th. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is the prequel to Rebel Galaxy which was released back in 2015. The game features a full single-player campaign, a lot of space combat, and of course customization options for players’ ships. The game will also be launching for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 at a later date.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gunfight Mode Gameplay Video Released

Infinity Ward has released new gameplay footage of the new Gunfight mode for the upcoming soft reboot, Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The 4K video was captured on a PlayStation 4 Pro and demonstrates just how fast-paced the mode is. Most of the rounds shown in the video did not even last a minute, with firefights erupting almost right after the start of the round. The devs have also announced that they’ll be showing more of the game’s multiplayer on August first.

Brigitte is Now More of A Healer than Tank with Overwatch’s Latest Update

With the announcement of the upcoming Role Queue system, it looks like Blizzard wants players to be sure which role Brigitte should play in with the new update pushing her to become more of a healer than a tank. Her Barrier Shield’s health has been greatly reduced while her passive heal has been buffed. Repair Pack now has three charges and heals over time instead of instantly. Other heroes to received tweaks were Ashe, Doomfist, Hanzo, Moira, Orisa, Reinhardt, Sombra, Symmetra, Tracer, and Wrecking Ball

Mystery Game Blacksad: Under the Skin Launches in September

The legendary comic series Blacksad now has a video game adaptation, and it is coming out next month. Blacksad: Under the Skin will be launching for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on September 26th. The game will have payers play as John Blacksad, and the game’s story is set in the 50’s in New York City. It features an all-new story, plus an investigative narrative gameplay which includes investigations, puzzles, and quick time events. There are also more than 30 characters, each of them having a story of their own.

Gloomhaven Enters Early Access

Popular board game Gloomhaven has entered Early Access. The early access version features an Adventure Mode where players can select one from four characters. This mode has an exclusive feature: a weapon durability rule, which simulates wear and tear as the player uses it. Gloomhaven will be in early access for at least 9-12 months, according to its developers. Campaign Mode and Multiplayer Co-op will be added with the game’s full launch.

Cyberpunk 2077 Features a Hardcore Mode with no UI

Cyberpunk 2077 will feature a Hardcore Mode where players will play without a user interface. According to Cyberpunk 2077 UI coordinator Alvin Liu, this will be “a real challenge to a lot of players,” and it could also give them a much immersive experience. It is worth noting, though, that players can disable the UI anytime they want regardless of difficulty. Cyberpunk 2077 launches April 16, 2020.

Greedfall Devs Took Inspiration From the 17th Century

Developer Spiders released a development diary for its upcoming RPG Greedfall. The dev diary talks about how the team conducted its research in order to create the game’s environment, the characters’ looks, and more. The developers took inspiration from the 17th Century, and they created a world that combines history and fantasy. The dev diary also showcased some of the beasts players will encounter, as well as a peak at the game’s story. Greedfall will be launching on September 10th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Marvel’s Avengers Story and Co-op Showcased at SDCC

Marvel Games showcased story and co-op modes for Marvel’s Avengers during the San Diego Comic-Con. The game starts with a prologue that once completed, will bring players to a Helicarrier base. From there, players can then launch into single-player or co-op missions. The story mode will feature familiar characters from the Marvel universe, while playing online co-op will allow players to customize their Avenger with their own skill tree and cosmetics. More gameplay details will be revealed the week after Gamescom 2019.

Adventure Game The Great Perhaps to Launch Next Month

Daedalic Entertainment’s time-travel adventure game The Great Perhaps is set to launch for PC. The game will be available starting August 14th on Steam. The game will have players use time-travel to solve puzzles and unlock the mysteries behind the apocalypse. Players will also be able to meet other characters that each have their own touching personal stories. The Great Perhaps is the work of indie developer Caligari Games, and this is their debut title.

Wargroove Launching on PS4 on July 23rd

Turn-based strategy game Wargroove is heading to the PlayStation 4, and will be available in the console starting July 23rd. The game features solo and multiplayer modes and players will choose one Commander from four warring factions. There are 12 commanders to choose from. The game also features an in-game editor and tons of customization options which modders can use to design and share their own maps, cutscenes, and campaign stories.

Solo: Islands of the Heart Announced for Consoles

Solo: Islands of the Heart will be heading to consoles this Summer! Solo is a puzzle game with a colorful environment as well as “a personal and introspective branching narrative.” Aside from solving puzzles, the game will also let players just contemplate and enjoy the solo life by sitting still on a bench, or even feeding the animals in the game. Solo will be available first on the Xbox One starting July 31st, followed by Switch on August 1st. It will come later to PS4.

New Features Coming to FIFA 20 Highlighted in Trailer

EA Sports has released a new trailer for FIFA 20 which highlights the game’s new key features. The game will come with a new set piece system which will allow players to have more control over free kicks, and give them an entirely new approach to set piece play. The game will also feature composed finishing that will make attackers become more clinical in front of the goal. The video also showed how the ball physics has been redesigned to allow for a more realistic experience. The game will also come with the new Dynamic 1-versus-1.


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