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AKS Gaming News 10/07/2019

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s 5.6GB Patch 1.4 Out Now

A brand new update rolls out for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which will upgrade the game’s version to 1.4. The update is 5.6GB in size on PC and brings fixes to some of the issues found in the game. The update addresses the issue of the camera twitching when pressing “next” during a dialogue in Story Mode. It also adds an autosave when a Story is completed. It also addresses issues in The Fate of Atlantis and Legacy of the First Blade. The update also has fixes that addresses issues on gameplay, quests, UI, and more.

Road to Guangdong Brings Authentic Car Interaction Thru Latest Update

Road to Guangdong has received a new update which focuses on the beloved family car, Sandy. The update alters the way the player interacts with the car, and promises a more authentic gameplay. With the update, players will have to manually ignite Sandy’s engine, then turn on the headlights, change the radio channel, and get in and out of the car. Previously, players will follow a UI prompt and press keys on their keyboards to do all these.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Heading West, Exclusive for PC

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is heading West and will be available exclusively on PC. The game will be available sometime in this year in North America and Europe. The NA and EU publishing rights for Kingdom Under Fire 2 was acquired by Gameforge. Gameforge Chief Product Officer Tomislav Perkovic said they are “determined to help Blueside realize their vision of the ultimate MMO” by launching the game to the West.

New Free NES Titles for Switch Announced

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will get new free NES games starting July 17th. The new games are Donkey Kong 3 and The Wrecking Crew. Aside from this, Nintendo has also announced a new feature which will allow players to rewind gameplay on all the games in the NES library on the Switch. Players only need to hold the ZL + ZR buttons in order to use the feature. This arrives also on July 17th, the same day the two new NES games will become available.

World of Warcraft Classic Will Have Australia and New Zealand Servers

World of Warcraft Classis is set to launch in August, and Blizzard has confirmed that the game will be getting local servers for Australia as well as other parts of the Oceanic region. These servers will be available for players in Australia, New Zealand, as well as other parts of Southeast Asia, and will be accessible at launch on August 27th. Blizzard also confirmed that the final stress test for the game will take place from July 26th until the 27th.

Avenged Sevenfold Singer Becomes Playable Character in Blackout

Developer Treyarch has been long-time friends with band Avenged Sevenfold, and this partnership continues on with Black Ops 4. The band’s official Twitter account announced that its singer M. Shadows will be a playable character in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout. The band also confirmed that their music will be appearing in the updated Blackout mode.

Super Mario Maker 2 Players Have Already Created Over 2 Million Levels

It looks like Super Mario Maker 2 players are having a busy summer as the game reportedly has now over 2 million player-created levels, Nintendo announced. This is an interesting number as it has only been 11 days since the game released. Super Mario Maker 2 is the sequel to Super Mario Maker and allows players to create courses that anyone in the game can play. The level maker offers over 100 Nintendo-designed levels with a host of assets and features players can use to create their own levels.

Sign Ups for DayZ Survivor GameZ Battle Royale Alpha Now Open

DayZ is hosting its first closed alpha for its battle royale ‘Survivor GameZ’. According to the announcement on Twitter, Survivor GameZ will be “an enhanced PvP experience for DayZ players.” The devs did not mention when exactly the closed alpha will begin, but they mentioned that it “is just around the corner.” Sign ups are available in the DayZ website.

Cuphead Sells 4 Million Copies

Studio MDHR’s cartoonish platformer Cuphead proves it is still one of the best-selling games out there, as the company shared the game has already sold 4 million copies since its launch in late 2017. The game sold over 3 million copies across PC and Xbox One in just under a year since its launch, and 1 million copies in its first 2 weeks. The game also arrived in the Nintendo Switch in April of this year, adding to the numbers.

Dauntless Gets Competitive Monster Hunting Arena

Dauntless developer Phoenix Labs announced the theme for the game’s next two content drops. The new High Life season will bring pirates in the game, and the story revolves around a new character named Lady Luck. She brings the new Trials arena to Ramsgate where players can team up, or even play solo, in the new competition. Each week, players will compete against a beast in the arena, and players will receive rewards when they emerge victorious.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Free Weekend Announced

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is hosting a free weekend on Steam, in celebration of the release of the new Green Man Army upgrade. The game will be free to play on Steam starting now until Tuesday, July 16th. The game is also currently available at 67% off until July 17th should you want to buy it and play the full game.

Super Monkey Ball could be Making a Comeback

A new Super Monkey Ball might be in the works as a rating had been seen for it in the Taiwanese rating board. The only thing is, you can only search for the game in its Chinese name. The game has something to do with food as both the Japanese and Chinese names listed something about tasting good. The possible official name could be Tabegoro Super Monkey Ball as that was the name that Sega registered in Japan. No release date is available but the game is said to be coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch.

Fortnite has Air Strike as a Throwable Canister

Fortnite’s latest content update includes a new item called Air Strike. This is a throwable cannister that will emit colored smoke and then send out powerful missiles. There will be about 20 missiles that will rain down and it will be spawning at about 120 meters above where the canister has detonated. The aim will be random points of about 9 meters from the canister and has a damage of 75 points to players and 200 points to structures. The blast radius is about 3.5 meters.

New Update of Red Dead Online comes with Explorer Care Package

The latest update of Red Dead Online will give players an Explorer Care Package by completing 10 Daily Challenges before July 16th. The Care Package includes 60 poison arrows, 100 rounds of Varmint Cartridges, those are .22 caliber rounds that you can use on smaller animals like rabbits. Other items included in the package are Thyme, Wild Mint, and Oregano which you can use to cook hearty meals. There are also Live Crickets as well as Live Worms for fishing. New coats and hats are also included.

New Enemies Coming to Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

New enemies are coming to Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus. This came about because one faction against another gets a bit boring after 15 hours. The solution that the developers thought of is adding new enemies. The enemies are renegade tech-priests called the Xenarite and they use forbidden alien technology. There will also be two new troop types called Infiltrators and Ruststalkers. Additional weapons, combat and missions will also be introduced. These will all go live on July 23rd.

First Trailer of Romantic RPG Haven Revealed

The Game Bakers’ newest game called Haven has its very first trailer and it is all about two lovers in a strange and lovely new world. The game can actually be played alone or in two-player co-op. The description says that “the only thing that matters is to stay together.” The game is a “story-rich adventure…with an innovative combat system”. It promises a blend of exploration, sci-fi romance novel as well as combat. To get to know more a Q and A will be available on Discord this July 17th at 12 PM PT.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Shares Launch Trailer

Square Enix has launched a new trailer for Dragon Quest Builders 2 and it gives us a taste of the colorful adventures that the game has to offer. Dragon Quest Builders 2 offers a mix of action-RPG gameplay as well as the creativity of a sandbox game rolled into one. Also, a more extensive multiplayer is available having four-player co-op to play with your friends. Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be launching in the West by July 12th and it will be available to be played on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

A Place For The Unwilling to Launch this Month

A Place for the Unwilling is a game from ALPixel which will be launching later this month. It is a Lovecraftian adventure game where you will play as a normal citizen and is free to do whatever you want in a large city. There will be different choices available with some being locked off depending on the choices that you make. An interesting thing about the game is that the NPCs will be blurred out until you are able to talk to them. A Place for the Unwilling will launch on July 25, 2019.

Destiny 2 Patch Notes Revealed

Destiny 2 has a new update released and it is update This will bring about changes in the Clan, Sandbox, Menagerie, Crucible, and Eververse. There are general improvements, fixes, and tweaks as well. To check out the complete patch notes, you can go to the game’s official site. The most notable is that there is a re-balance in clan XP Rewards and a fix for the issue where the magazine size indicator doesn’t display the proper arrows. The issue for join and invite commands has been fixed as well.

Korean Players Get to Play Free Rainbow Six Siege on PC Bangs

Ubisoft has made Rainbow Six Siege available for free in South Korea’s PC bangs. This has been announced by Ubisoft chief Yves Guillemot and was followed-up by executive director Alain Corre saying that the game will be available at a PC bang “without purchasing any license”. The access will include all the Rainbow Six Siege operators and in-game charms. It is expected that the increase in the availability of the game in South Korea will liven up the Rainbow Six Siege scene.

Official Wolfenstein PC Requirements Announced

Bethesda was able to share the PC system requirements for their upcoming game Wolfenstein: Youngblood which will launch on July 27. The minimum requirement for the game would need an AMD FX-8350 or an Intel Core i5-3570 as well as an Nvidia GTX 770 4GB or the equivalent AMD. But what they would really recommend is an AMD FX-9370 or Intel Core i7-4479 and an Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB or its AMD equivalent as well. Also, 40 GB of free storage is needed, internet access as well as a free account.

StarCraft Remastered Gets Graphics Overhaul

StarCraft Remastered has gotten a graphics overhaul and it is called StarCraft Cartooned where the game has a more cartoony look. This has been created by Carbot Animations where they were able to reimagine each unit, structure, mission, menu, map and art style of the game. The new graphics really adds a whole different look to the game and what’s great about it is that it supports all the other game modes plus the online multiplayer. The cinematics has also been changed to the new art style.


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