Killing Floor 2 Mapping Contest Winners Announced!

Shodan/ Giugno 28, 2019/ Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 Best Survival Map Winners:

1st Place Prize: $10,000

Tripwire Interactive Judge Notes: This map showed enormous creativity and clever reuse of existing assets to create a new Cthulu themed experience for the player. There are numerous interactive elements such as traps, attacking tentacles, low gravity zones, and changing weather patterns that really impressed us. We knew we had a strong contender when the judges had a hard time moving on to the next submission during our playtests.

2nd Place Prize: $6,000
Map:Carrillon Hamlet[]

Tripwire Interactive Judge Notes: This map impressed us with its strong layout and use of assets to convey a unified theme. This map had a strong understanding of gameplay flow which navigated the player into interesting layouts that interweaved across the map.

3rd Place Prize: $3,500

Tripwire Interactive Judge Notes: This map had a creative use of lighting and a strong presence across its expansive layout that went from interior and outdoor spaces. Given that it utilized strong themes and assets from Outpost, it was interesting to see the climate flip from frigid to a tropical setting.

4th Place Prize: $3,000
Map:Silo Seven[]

Tripwire Interactive Judge Notes: Verticality was a strong element of this map as you descend through multiple basement layers of the complex. We also appreciated the use of changing weather elements as a brewing sandstorm approaches over the duration of the match.

5th Place Prize: $2,500
Map:Training Grounds[]

Tripwire Interactive Judge Notes: This map was an extremely impressive technical showcase for how it constructs the environment for each of the different rooms like the holodeck. It made the small spaces feel much larger with the simulated backdrops.

Killing Floor 2 Best Non-Survival Map Winners:

1st Place Prize: $10,000

Tripwire Interactive Judge Notes: This map was impressively put together and polished. It showed a strong understanding of what made Biotics Lab fun and interesting and translated that into a totally new and different layout that exhibited a good grasp of gameplay fundamentals.

2nd Place Prize: $6,000
Map:Twisted Story[]

Tripwire Interactive Judge Notes: This map was loaded with imagination and creativity translating the KF2 formula within a fantasy environment. It made great use of scale within its different hold out environments

3rd Place Prize: $3,500

Tripwire Interactive Judge Notes: This map made great use of Endless mode and particularly impressed us with its transformative nature as the waves progressed. Each of the different zones you play across gets reintegrated into the central courtyard which was a pleasant surprise.

4th Place Prize: $3,000
Map:District VII[]

Tripwire Interactive Judge Notes: District VII was effective in translating the Burning Paris aesthetic into Objective style survival gameplay. It showcased a solid gameplay flow as you progressed through the map to each of the individual zones.

5th Place Prize: $2,500

Tripwire Interactive Judge Notes: This map had a unique location not seen in KF2 that was well put together through effective asset reuse. We particularly enjoyed its well-polished interior spaces and gameplay flow through its wave-gated linear track.

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