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AKS Gaming News 29/05/2019
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Battalion 1944 Gets 36 Times More Players After Full Launch

Battalion 1944 player count increased by over 3600% after leaving Early Access. The game generated much interest in the preliminary stages of Early Access but the player count numbers plummeted shortly thereafter and remained as such until recently when it entered full release. According to the developer, this is the game that was supposed to queue the resurgence of the old-school multiplayer shooters. Now with the developers will be happy to see that the dream lives on.

Star Ocean First Departure R Announced for Switch and PS4

Star Ocean recently published a tweet stating that the first entry in the StarOcean series will be making its way to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, but not exactly. Square Enix will be releasing the remaster of Star Ocean First Departure named Star Ocean First Departure R. Thus far, no other official news has been released with regards to the title like a release date or even a release window but the developers implores you to “Keep communication channels open for further updates.”

Raiden V Director’s Cut Gets July 25th Release Date on Switch

UFO Interactive has announced that its Jet-fighting, space-shooting game, Raiden V: Director’s Cut will be released on July 25, 2019, for the Nintendo Switch. Currently, the expansion is available for n PS4 and PC. For those who don’t already know, Raiden V: Director’s Cut is an expanded edition of the 2016 Xbox One release. The base game is the fifth title in the 25-year-old Raiden series. The Director’s Cut consists of all the modes of the original.

Total War Three Kingdoms had the Biggest Launch on Steam So Far This Year

It is a really good time to be CREATIVE ASSEMBLY as their turn-based strategy game Total War: Three Kingdoms has become Steam’s biggest launch so far this year. Since its release on the 23rd of May, the game has been steadily ascending the Steam ranks. The game peaked at 192,298 concurrent players over the weekend, besting dominant titles like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice by a large margin. The developer had promised that the game would be worth the wait and it appears that is very much the case thus far.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Headed to PS4 and PC

Grasshopper Manufacture has announced that Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is coming to PC and PS4. This news came via a tweet published through Grasshopper’s official Twitter account. The tweet bore no news of release windows or anything too specific but it does come as a surprise to many as the game was thought to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive. In the same tweet, the developer also instructed fans to stay tuned for more information.

Dauntless Now has Over 5 Million Players

According to a tweet published by the official Dauntless Twitter account, over 5 million players have indulged in the free-to-play, multiplayer monster-slaying game. This sort of rapid growth from a free-to-play game is not unprecedented but it is still very much impressive. For those who don’t already know, Dauntless is an online multiplayer game reminiscent of Monster Hunter where players hunt big monsters and defeat them in real-time combat.

Paradox to Announce a New Grand Strategy Game in October

Paradox Interactive will be holding PDXCON in Berlin this October and they’re teasing that a brand new grand strategy game will be revealed during the event. For those holding their breath for Victoria 3, don’t! Paradox has already ruled it out. Aside from that confirmation, though, they didn’t give any other hints as to what the new game will be. Is it a brand new IP or another entry in one of their well-established series?. We’ll have to wait for October 9th to 10th to find out.

Rainbow Six Siege Backstory Art Hints at Year 4 Season 3 Gadgets

Eagle-eyed players have noticed what could be hints for upcoming gadgets in Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 4 Season 3. Ubisoft released some concept art for the game’s upcoming operators and a backstory image for Nokk seems to depict some new gadget designs. Previous leaks have hinted that players would have to “worry about reinforcing floor panels on the same level as defenders” and the grappling hook blueprint could point to a gadget that can allow for setting up a line for a team to use to go up through floors. This is all just speculation for now though.

Heavy Rain PC Demo Now Available

PC players can now sample Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain as its free 45-minute demo has been released on the Epic Games Store. The demo will allow players to play through the game’s first two chapters as they try to catch The Origami Killer. The demo will also allow players to control two of the game’s four playable characters. Heavy Rain was previously released as a PlayStation exclusive but Quantic Dreams has finally decided to bring three of its adventures to PC. The full version of Heavy Rain launches on June 24th.

John Vignocchi Leaves Gearbox for “Dream Job”

John Vignocchi, the executive producer for Gearbox Publishing, is leaving Gearbox after less than a year with the company. Vignocchi said that although bittersweet, he will be leaving Gearbox for what he can only describe as “an absolute dream job”. He also said that the job will be at his “favourite company in the games industry.” Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford took to Twitter to express his appreciation of Vignocchi and to reassure Vignocchi of his decision. We are yet to hear of what and where Vignocchi’s new job will be.

A Battlefield 1942 Rip-Off has Appeared on Steam

A game called Tank Battlegrounds from a Chinese Studio has appeared on Steam. What’s really off about this listing though is that it seems to be a total rip-off of Battlefield 1942. The trailer posted for the game is Battlefield 1942’s own, just cut short to before the logos come out at the end. The screenshots are also from Battlefield 1942. Worst of all, it looks like the devs even forgot to edit the description of the game as it actually says “Battlefield 1942”. The game is set to launch on May 30th but will more likely be taken down soon.

Two New Showdown Modes Available in Red Dead Redemption Online

Red Dead Online has two new Showdown modes which will have you hunting! The first one is the Wild Animal Kills challenge which is a Freeroam event that will have you hunting for wildlife. Points will be given depending on the size of the animal. The other mode is called the Head for the Hills Showdown where the objective of the game is for one team to reach their safehouse and the other team to gun the other team down. These modes will only be available for two weeks and will have another set after.

PlayStation Exclusive Game Journey Gets a PC Port

The previous PlayStation- exclusive game, Journey, which first came out for the PlayStation 3 back in 2012, and then was made available for the PlayStation 4 will now be having a PC port. This has been announced by the game’s publisher Annapurna Interactive. The Journey PC version will be launching via the Epic Games Store and it is priced around $14.99 on June 6th. Players will get to go on an exploration-adventure going to the great mountain across the desert world.

Sea of Solitude to Launch in July

Developer Jo-Mei Games and publisher Electronic Arts’ newest game Sea of Solitude will be launching in more than a month’s time which is on July 5th and it will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $20 USD. The game is full of mystery and despair. You will be helping Kay to navigate through troubled waters and stir away from the demons in a sinking city filled with monsters. The sinking city is somewhat the depiction of a young woman coping with loneliness.

World War Z Free DLC to Launch on June

Developer Saber Interactive announced that the first major point in the World War Z roadmap will not be arriving on the set schedule but will only be delayed by a little. The game’s very first DLC will be launching soon which is on June 3rd originally set for May. The free DLC will come with the new Tokyo mission, an FOV slider, a special zombie, private lobbies and more. We are not sure if this slight delay will set back the whole roadmap that featured their schedule for three months.

Super Mario Maker 2’s Online Multiplayer Matches will be Random

Super Mario Maker 2 will not be supporting online multiplayer matchmaking with friends and it has some fans frustrated. With how the game is set up right now you can only play with random people online. Nintendo said that this decision has something to do with the game’s online leaderboards in order to keep everything fair. For right now, the only way to play with friends is to be in the same room with a Nintendo Switch Online membership as well as a great connection. This won’t have any ratings.

Weird Death Stranding Trailer Launched on PlayStation Twitch

Another Death Stranding teaser is available and this time we are able to see it on the official PlayStation Twitch account. The video is just playing in a loop right now and it features a murky black background with some handprints appearing randomly. In each handprint, we get to see parts of the game before it disappears. This is accompanied by an equally creepy audio loop. Sometimes you will get to hear some industrial sounds, humming or strange voices.

New Doom Mod Adds a Dog to the Game

A new Doom Eternal XP mod adds a dog in the game. The dog doesn’t have a name, so you must name him yourself. You will be able to summon this loyal K9 via a sphere kind of like a Pokemon and he will be able to follow you around across the game through different levels. Your pet can be injured by enemies or stray bullets, which could sometimes prove to be fatal. You must protect him, as he protects you. He can leap into battle and attack demons. Oh, and you also have the access to pet him if you wish.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Might be Heading to PC

According to a Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee, the Spyro Reignited Trilogy will be heading to PC. The listing actually included a preliminary box art that features the logo of Iron Galaxy. However, no official announcements were made for the game nor an official game page. There might be some truth in this though as the studio Iron Galaxy were the ones responsible for giving us the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy PC port. No release date was given for this as well.

YouTube Gaming App is Shutting Down on May 30th

The YouTube Gaming App is being retired by Google on May 30th. However, all content available in it is still accessible via the regular YouTube. The Gaming App was first launched in 2015 which was supposed to be a website as well as an app for Android and iOS. It has been updated in 2018 to highlight streamers and new games but the problem was that most of the time people are in the regular YouTube instead of the gaming app. Creators were not being discovered and not many people are on it daily.

Starbase will be Launching on Steam Early Access this Year

A new ambitious MMO is set to launch on Steam Early Access which is called Starbase. The game promises players that they can build spaceships as well as space stations from the ground up. Players are also able to create companies as well as battle other players and explore the universe. And everything in the game that you see that has been created can also be destroyed. The game had been developed by Frozenbyte and will be using its own engine. No specific launch date has been given as of yet.

Destiny 2 Season of Opulence Legendary Weapons Revealed

The Legendary weapons for Destiny 2 Season of Opulence have been revealed by Bungie. The first one is the PvP Pinnacle weapon which is the Revoker, a Legendary sniper rifle. What’s amazing with this weapon is if you missed some shots with this rifle, the ammo gets to be returned to the magazine. The next weapon is the Vanguard Pinnacle weapon, which is the Wendigo GL3 and it is a heavy hand grenade. The last one is the Gambit Pinnacle weapon which is called Hush, a legendary bow.


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