Spring Cleaning Event is now live!

Shodan/ Maggio 24, 2019/ Steam

Ahh Spring! Once again, it’s time for new growth, blooming flowers, baby
birds and the annual assessment of all of your earthly possessions. This year, why limit yourself to rediscovering beloved items in your physical closets when your Steam library is full of great games that, for whatever reason, you just never got around to playing? Dust off an old favorite, launch a game you haven’t tried before and explore your backlog to unlock and level up this year’s Spring Cleaning Badge. For a breath of fresh air, why not try out something from the list of games available for free for the duration of the event (May 24 10AM – May 28 10AM PDT)?

Assetto Corsa
Black Desert Online
Dead By Daylight
Don’t Starve Together
Endless Space 2
Grim Dawn
Left 4 Dead 2

Do some Spring Cleaning this weekend and spark joy in your library and backlog of titles!