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AKS Gaming News 20/05/2019
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Rainbow Six Siege Deactivates Gadgets that Causes Exploits

Recently, Rainbow Six Siege has had a lot of exploits in anticipation of the coming Operation Phantom Sight. Because of this, some gadgets and operators had become unstoppable. The gadgets include claymores and deployable shields. It looks like Ubisoft doesn’t have the time to make the fixes right now, as their solution as of the moment is to completely remove the problem exploits. Ubisoft also promises a better reaction time to exploits that will happen in the future.

Minecraft Earth Announced

During MineCon, Mojang has announced the newest Minecraft game which is Minecraft Earth. The new game offers an augmented reality mobile experience. Players will be able to hunt clusters of blocks, chests, and mobs throughout the real world kind of like Pokemon Go. Go ahead and collect resources, fight off mobs as well as gain experience as you progress in the game. Minecraft Earth will be free-to-play but no release date has been given for it as of yet.

Afterlight Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Silent Road Games has an upcoming game called Afterlight which has started its Kickstarter campaign. The game is an adventure-puzzler that is set in the 22nd century on the moon Titan’s “Kraken Mare” landscape. It will come with an environmental narrative that will focus on the emotional and psychological aspect of a stranded astronaut. The studio’s goal to reach $35,000 USD as of right now there are 164 backers already. Afterlight is planned to launch by fall of 2020.

Blood Bowl 3 to Launch Next Year

A Warhammer-themed football game will be launching by next year and it is called Blood Bowl 3. The game is basically American football that has dwarves, trolls, elves, as well as other Warhammer races as teams. It does sound a bit ridiculous but it can really get crazy violent in a fun way. The game is being developed by Cyanide Studios and will be published by Bigben Interactive. For right now, there are little details about the game only that it is expected to launch in 2020.

Some Publishers Pull Out of Epic Games Store Sale

Epic Game Store launched its first ever sale available for four weeks and will cut off $10 USD out of any game that is priced over $14.99 USD. Also, Epic said that the developer’s cut won’t be affected since they will be footing the bill for that promotion. However, some developers don’t want to be a part of the sale, pulling their games out of the store in the meantime. Both Paradox Interactive and Klei Entertainment are said to pull out Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 and Oxygen Not Included.

Fortnite Creative World Cup “Trickshotting” Announced

The Fortnite Creative World Cup is underway and the challenge to qualify this time is for the most outrageous shooting. Meaning that you must land the shot as well as do it is style or as extra as you can get if possible. Entries are submitted on Twitter having the #ninjacreativetrials hashtag as Ninja the Fortnite superstar will be judging the best trick shots. The Fortnite Creative World Cup has a prize pool of $3 million USD, that is why players are going above and beyond for the shots.

Rainbow Six Siege Glaz Gets Rework

Ubisoft has shared some balance changes for one of its operators in Rainbow Six Siege. As the game reaches its second season for its fourth year, some rework is being done on Glaz. He is the Russian sniper operator who at the right hands can be very powerful. The highlight change that will be done on him is that he won’t be able to see enemies through smoke when he is moving. But the scope of his weapon will still be able to do this, however, his movements will now be a little more predictable.

Minecraft 10th Anniversary, Sold 176 Million Copies All in All

It is Minecraft’s 10th anniversary and Microsoft has announced that the game was able to sell over 176 million copies worldwide. Just last October the game sold over 150 million units marking that time up until now as selling over 26 million copies. The game also has about 91 million active users every month. To add to the good news, the game’s free-to-play edition in China was able to surpass the 200 million registered users since its release in 2017.

Final Fantasy 7 Music Patch Released

Are you familiar with the Final Fantasy 7 bug where the game’s overworld music would restart every time you get an encounter? Well, after so long, a patch to fix this has been released by Square Enix. The patch is available for Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch version of the game but it is still not available for the PlayStation 4. As of today, the audio loop problem is still available in the PS4 although a patch had been released for the version previously but it did not address this issue.

World War 3 New Update Brings Tons of Stuff

World War 3 from Farm 51 was able to receive a huge update. The game had launched from Steam Early Access last year and actually faced numerous problems. Improvements had been steady but with the huge update, it will be adding two new maps, four vehicles, two weapons as well as some cosmetics to the game. The update is patch 0.6 which will also come with performance improvements like the updated spotting system, in-game VOIP, as well as the arrival of the new server browser.

Rainbow Six Siege Operator Warden Revealed

Ubisoft was able to share a new teaser and it is for the new operator for the new expansion Operation Phantom Sight. The first operator revealed was Nøkk, and this time it is Warden who’s real name is Collinn McKinley from the state of Kentucky. He had been an operator of Team Rainbow for a long time now, having 30 years of experience. Warden’s role is a defender. We get to see a quick view at Warden’s glasses and watch which appear to glow blue but we have no idea on what it exactly does right now.

Hitman 2 To Get Improved DX12 Support

IO Interactive promised that Hitman 2 will be getting improved DX12 support. The first Hitman game launched with DX12 support, however, Hitman 2 didn’t and was only able to get it by March. This proved beneficial to players having boosted frame rates but on higher-end systems only. The developers are working on making this work on the lower-end systems as well. The dev team did say that DX11 works best with lower-end systems right now and that DX12 could possibly have a poorer performance.

Overwatch Anniversary Starts May 21

The third year anniversary event of Overwatch is arriving this May 21st and it will come with seasonal cosmetics as well as brawls. It would even have a free trial available for one week. Some previous cosmetics will also be making a comeback like dance emotes and skins. Players who will be logging in during the event will get a free legendary loot box that is guaranteed to be carrying a legendary item. The free trial is only up until May 28 and the event will run until June 10.

Conglomerate 451 Now Available In Early Access

Developer RuneHeads has announced that their futuristic combat and grid-based game called Conglomerate 451 is coming into early access. The game offers a classic dungeon crawling RPG that is set in a cyberpunk world. Conglomerate 451 will be launching in early access on March 23 and is expected to stay there for six to eight months before it releases as a full game. The developers are also planning to add more content to the game at this time, making it six times larger.

30 FPS Cap for Mortal Kombat 11 PC to be Removed

Mortal Kombat 11 which launched in April this year for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One apparently has a 30 FPS cap on some parts of the game for the PC version. Examples of the 30 FPS cap includes fatalities as well as the Krypt. The developers are now actually working on the option to remove the 30 FPS cap and allow those sections to run at 60 fps as announced in their latest patch notes. They promised to have the details of the changes soon enough.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC Testing To Happen After E3 2019

The Halo: Master Chief Collection won’t be available until after E3 2019. 343 Industries community director Brian Jarrard previously announced that “public flighting will begin prior to E3”. However, he took that back saying that the development had taken “longer than initially anticipated”. He also added that if they knew back then what they know now, they wouldn’t have made the announcement that early. The only available timeframe right now is after E3 2019 but no specific date was given.

Roadwarden Demo Out Now

Roadwarden from developer Moral Anxiety Studio has announced that a demo is now available for their game. Players will be playing as a roadwarden in the game doing jobs like delivering messages, assist merchants, and on the flip side, burn human corpses and get rid of the highwaymen as well as beasts. The game’s demo will allow you to access part of the inventory as well as some backstory. The full game is set to launch by next year and is intended to be played for 10 hours.

First Oddworld: Soulstorm Trailer Revealed

A new teaser has revealed the newest game for the Oddworld series which is Oddworld: Soulstorm. Soulstorm is the direct sequel to Oddworld: New ‘n Tasty. As per the trailer, it looks like the new game focuses on managing crowds as well as capitalizing on the limited resources available. The new environment is also a factory environment which looks large as compared to the previous game’s corridors. The game is set to arrive in 2020 available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Super Mario Maker 2 Includes Story Mode

During a Nintendo Direct, we get to learn that Super Mario Maker 2 has a story mode. The mode will let players rebuild the castle of Princess Peach by earning coins in order to go through the reconstruction. Other features that the game will include are cooperative building with a second player, finishing some set conditions like collecting a certain amount of coins and so much more. Super Mario Maker is set to launch for the Nintendo Switch this June 28th.

A Plague Tale: Innocence New Video Features Sean Bean

A Plague Tale: Innocence has already launched, and because of that, Asobo Studio shared a video with Sean Bean reading poetry. The poem that he is reading in the video is entitled The Little Lost Boy by William Blake. It kind of gives us a look at what one of the protagonists of the game – Hugo might feel. A Plague Tale: Innocence can be played on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game offers a moving story of the siblings Amicia and Hugo as they face the black plague as well as the Inquisition.

Lesion of Rainbow Six Siege Has New Skin

Rainbow Six Siege has a brand new elite set for operator Lesion and it was revealed during the Pro League Season 9 Finals in Milan. The elite set is called the Nano-Tox 32 and it is a high-impact armor that is placed over a waterproof bodysuit that is chemical-resistant. His new armor takes its inspiration from his backstory when he was little he fell into an oil tank and ingested some toxic water. He will also have an oxygen mask which means he will be able to diffuse underwater mines.

World Of Warcraft Classic Beta Ongoing

The World of Warcraft Classic beta is ongoing and some of the lucky players who were able to try it are actually reporting some bugs which turn out to be old features of the game that are working perfectly. Blizzard responded to the false bug reports by posting a “not-a-bug list”. The list includes the different things that are normal for the game as well as some actual bugs plus their workarounds. World of Warcraft Classic is set to launch on August 26, 2019.


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