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AKS Gaming News 14/05/2019
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Rage 2 Allows Viewers To Help Revive A Player Who Is Streaming

Rage 2 which will be launching on May 14 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has something special in store for its Twitch viewers. id Software director Tim Willits said that they were able to integrate a Twitch extension where viewers are able to play the defibrillation mini-game where they are able to impact the player’s health and if many viewers participate it could even bring a player back to life with full health. Willits added that they are doing this to encourage streaming for the game.

Devil May Cry 5 Revived The Devil May Cry Franchise According To Financial Report

During Capcom’s financial results for the year, they were able to confirm that Devil May Cry 5 was able to revive the Devil May Cry franchise selling over two million copies worldwide in just two weeks of the game’s release. To compare, Devil May Cry 4 sold only three million copies worldwide for its whole duration of being launched. Devil May Cry 5 is worth the wait for fans since it had been actually 11 years since the game’s last iteration to the mainline series.

A Fake Ghost Recon Breakpoint Site Was Created And It Redirects To Anthem’s Homepage

After the reveal of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, a website called started to appear on social media sites. The site, of course, is not the official site for the game because it redirects to the Anthem homepage. The domain is actually owned by someone in Manchester UK according to Whois. There are no other details available in the log. The site may have been intended to be a joke. Most probably Ubisoft is already in the process of taking this down.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Road To The Black Sea Announced

SCS Software has announced the next Euro Truck Simulator 2 expansion and it will be bringing players to the Black Sea. The route that will be added is going to Turkey via Romania and Bulgaria. The announcement was shared with a quick trailer. The expansion is called Road To The Black Sea. There is no specific date as to when this will be releasing but the expansion is sure to launch this year. And if it will be priced like the previous expansions, it will most likely be at £13.49, €17.99, or $17.99.

Fallout 76 New Vending Update Has Vendors Tax, Some Players Not Happy

Fallout 76 introduced automated shops recently. Players are able to place some unwanted stuff here and other players who happen to wander in can actually make a purchase. Apparently, there is a ten percent fee for every item being sold which is not making the players happy. Some took to the subreddit about it and some actually made the computation on what to price items at to make a profit. Even though that is the case, it seems that players are enjoying the vending update.

Battle Brothers New Expansion Warriors Of The North Out Now

Battle Brothers has a new expansion and it brings players to a pseudo-Viking territory. The name of the DLC is called Warriors Of The North and it will be extending the game to the frozen north that is filled with barbarian tribes and a few hairy monsters. There will be additional factions added like peasants or cultists. You can get Warriors Of The North on Steam or GOG and it is priced at £8, €9 or $9.

EA Press Conference Schedules Announced

E3 is just around the corner and here are the press conference schedules for you. EA – Saturday, June 8, 11 AM PT; Microsoft – Sunday, June 9, 1 PM PT; Bethesda – Sunday, June 9, 5:50 PM PT; Devolver Digital – Sunday, June 9, 7 PM PT; PC Gamer Show – Monday, June 10, 10 AM PT, Limited Run Games – Monday, June 10, 12 PM PT; Ubisoft – Monday, June 10, 1 PM PT; Kinda Funny Games – Monday, June 10, 4:30 PM PT, Square Enix – Monday, June 10, 6 PM PT; and Nintendo Direct Pass – Tuesday, June 11, 9 AM PT.

Starbreeze Studios Lacks Funds To Stay Open For Another Year

At the quarterly financial report of Starbreeze, the company admits that they are actually running low on funds to last for the next 12 months. The company had been forced to do a restructure because of poor sales of the Overkill’s The Walking Dead and the selling of publishing rights of System Shock 2 and 10 Crowns. CEO Mikael Nermark said that they are in a “challenging situation” and are expecting a “liquidity shortfall” before mid-year “if no additional funds are provided”.

Warframe is Getting a Remarkable Remaster Of Gas City

Devolver Digital Extremes shared a before and after video of the remastered Gas City area of Warframe. The Gas City tileset is actually one of the oldest in the game, and it sure is amazing to see what they were able to do with it for the remastered version. The visual changes also come with new gameplay features as well as some quality of life improvements. The Gas City remaster is also known as The Jovian Concord doesn’t have a release date as of yet and is listed as “coming soon”.

The Legend of Bum-bo To Launch By The Fourth Quarter Of The Year

Edmund McMillen, the creator of the Binding of Isaac announced that The Legend of Bum-bo, a turn-based, cardboard-themed dungeon crawler will be launching by the third quarter of this year. Additionally, McMillen also announced that the final DLC for The Binding of Isaac will also be launching after The Legend of Bum-bo around the fourth quarter of the year. The final DLC is called The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.

Sunless Skies To Get Amiable Vagabond Free Update By June

Failbetter Games has announced a new update for their game Sunless Skies and it is called the Amiable Vagabond update. The update is free and it will give the game a new officer that is able to accompany you on your journey. There will also be new agents, new discoveries as well “something new in the mists of Worlebury”. This update will actually be the last to introduce any new events and encounters in the game as announced by Failbetter. The Amiable Vagabond update is set to launch on June 12th.

Outer Wilds Announced As An Epic Games Store Exclusive; Backers Not Happy

Developer Mobius Digital announced that their upcoming space exploration game called Outer Wilds will launch on the Epic Game Store first and not on Steam. The exclusivity timeframe was not specified, they just said that “additional platforms [will be] coming later”. The game’s backers were not happy with the announcement, saying that their Epic exclusivity is “deeply disappointing”. Some are requesting for a refund if the game will be launching a few months after the Epic release.

Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass Skins Revealed

After so many leaks, the Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass is now available and it comes with a lot of really cool skins. The first one is the Sentinel Skin which looks like it came from a classic Gundam anime series. The next one is the Rox Skin which comes with twin axes plus a robotic pet. There is also the Vendetta Skin which looks like Cayde-6 from Destiny. For the Battle Pass bundle, you will get the Bunker Jonesy Skin, the Vega Skin, the Stratus Skin and the Demi Skin. New robotic pets are also available.

Assumed Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok Screenshots Are Fake

Were you able to see the Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok screenshots? They are unfortunately fake. ResetEra was able to prove that the assets actually came from the Unity Engine. With the proof that the screenshots are fake, it also debunked the thread that the main character will be allied with the legendary Ragnar Lodbrok who will be helping him create his Great Heathen Army. This is actually a cool idea, and fans are hoping very hard that it will come true.

Apex Legends’ Mirage Has A Dating Profile

The game Apex Legends has very little lore, but getting to know Mirage a little bit better because of his dating profile actually is lore enough. The profile actually states that Mirage is the youngest of 4 brothers and is from north Brooklyn, New York. He is also very good at blood sports. He talks about not wanting to settle down but, eventually at the end would want to get married. He even shares that once he took mushrooms and got attracted to a pumpkin. It’s a bit strange but also charming in a way.

Battlefield 5 Battle Royale, Firestorm Is Removing Duos

DICE is removing Duos from Battlefield 5 battle royale, Firestorm. Their reason is that not enough players are playing it. They, however, said that they will be adding the game once again as a temporary mode and said that it was never meant to be a mainstay for it anyway. DICE further says that players are much more interested in squad play rather than in duos. Fans had not been happy with the decision though. They had been sharing their frustrations via the comments on the game’s Reddit.

Apex Legends Will Ban Team Members Who Are Not Doing Their Part For The Team

Respawn is planning to ban Apex Legends players who are not doing their part for the team. In other words, moochers who are only there in order to gain from the success of the team will be temporarily banned. This plan will not take effect right away but the plan is already there, and it could actually reach permanent bans on extreme cases. Apex Legends doesn’t have solo play and currently is only available for team plays where the rewards system revolves on leveling up.

Barotrauma A Submarine Sim Will Be Launching On Steam Early Access Next Month

FakeFish and Undertow Games has announced that their submarine survival game called Barotrauma will be launching on Steam Early Access on June 5th. You will get to play as one of the submarine crew who is exploring the deepest parts of Europa which is a moon of Jupiter. You are tasked to mine resources, battle with strange looking monsters, as well as repair your sub when it needs to be repaired. Bots will be filling up the rest of the crew but online multiplayer will be available soon.

Skyrim New Mod Adds New Dynamics To Thieves Guild

A new mod has been made available for Skyrim and it is for the game’s Thieves Guild questline. The mod is called Thieves Guild Reborn and it adds some new and fun dynamics to the Thieves Guild. This is from modder SenterPat and he was able to add cobwebs, dirt, and even rats to the guild, as it will start in this initial state. As you complete quests from the guild, you will get to earn more loot and it will actually reflect in the guild’s conditions. Check out the complete changes in the NexusMods.

Metal Gear Solid Being Recreated In Dreams By Dedicated Fan

One really dedicated fan named Bear Parker is recreating Metal Gear Solid in the game Dreams on PS4. The remake project actually has a lot of cool stuff listed but for right now it is not finished yet. However, the unfinished project already looks really good. The remake is actually being made the global community manager of TT Games, the developers responsible for LEGO Star Wars and the Avengers games. Progress in the game project is slow as he has found that creating this in Dreams is “fiddly”.

Koral is a Love Letter to the Sea from Mind — Path to Thalamus Dev

Koral, an exploration and puzzle-based game, is launching on May 16th and it will bring players to the colorful and alluring depths of the sea. Developer Carlos Coronado, who also developed Mind — Path to Thalamus, made the game while on board a sailship in the Cap De Creus marine reverve in Northern Cataliona. As the name suggests, the game focuses on bringing corals “back into health” and is meant to be a love letter to the sea. The game will be available on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

Be Among the First to Finish Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire’s The Ultimate Challenge and Get Cool Rewards

Obsidian released a huge patch for Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire for the game’s anniversary. The patch includes what the devs describe as “the final God challenge” called The Ultimate. The challenge makes the game so difficult that Obsidian will give the first players to finish it some very cool rewards. The first 50 to accomplish the feat will be mailed embroidered patches that say “I Beat the Ultimate”. The first 12 will also have their names engraved on a plaque to be put up on a wall in the Obsidian offices forever.


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