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Activision Reveals First Five Call of Duty League Teams

Activision has revealed the first five teams participating in the Call of Duty League. These teams are Atlanta Esports Ventures for Atlanta, Envy Gaming for Dallas, Sterling.VC for New York, c0ntact Gaming for Paris, and OverActive Media for Toronto. The announcement was made during the Activision’s first quarter earnings call. Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick says they decided to partner up with Overwatch League team owners since they’re already aware of the company’s esports vision.

Ubisoft Might Be Revealing a New Tom Clancy Game This Thursday

Ghost Recon Wildlands got a few in-game teasers in an update a few months back about a company called Skell Technology. Afterwards, players were able to gain access to a video ad for the fictional company’s new line of drones. Now, Ubisoft is inviting everybody to a fictional event called “Skell Con” scheduled to happen on May 9th at 7:30 PM UK or 8:30 PM in Central Europe. Many are speculating that the event will actually be a reveal event for a new Tom Clancy game. Tune in to Ubisoft’s social media accounts on Sunday to find out.

Halo The Master Chief Collection will Feature Cross-Platform Progression Between PC and Xbox One

Halo community director Brian Jarrard revealed 343 Industries’ plans for Halo The Master Chief Collections’ cross-platform features. Responding via Wccftech to a fan question on Twitter, Jarrad said that “Progression, unlocks, stats, etc.. will carry over between PC/console.” As far as cross-platform matchmaking is concerned, the feature will not be available at launch. Jarrard however assured fans that it is something “the team is accounting for and will evaluate over time.”

Personal Vending Machines Coming in Next Fallout 76 Patch

Fallout 76’s upcoming “Patch 9” update will finally let players deploy their very own personal Vending Machines so they can sell their wares. This will also allow players to browse around for things they need while visiting other Dwellers’ C.A.M.P.s. The patch will also add Legendary Exchange Machines where players can trade in their “trash” legendary items for a new currency called Legendary Scrip. The currency can be used to purchase Legendary items from an NPC called “the Purveyor”, who will arrive in an update to be released after Patch 9.

For Honor Adds New Hitokiri and Sakura Samurai Classes in New Season Update

For Honor’s Year Three Season 2 update is now live. The update brings with it a new Samurai class called ‘Hitokiri’. These are vicious warriors whose weapon of choice is the double-bladed axe and has a penchant for wearing masks or hoods. Their female counterparts are called the ‘Sakura’. The update also introduced “Dynamic Rewards” to all modes, but players have found the new system to be less rewarding and more grindy than the previous one. You’ll see numerous complaints about it on the game’s subreddit.

No Sequel is in Development, Child of Light Creative Director Says

Child of Light creative director Patrick Plourde has revealed that no sequel was currently in development for the game. Plourde told Video Games Chronicle in an interview that he doesn’t think Ubisoft wants to make a sequel because there’s more money to be made in the games as a service model. Still, Plourde already has great ideas for the sequel, it’s just a matter of whether or not Ubisoft wants to make it happen. Child of Light was a very well-received game, so it would be such a waste if Ubisoft decides to abandon the IP.

Risk of Rain 2 Sales Crosses 2 Million Mark

Just a month since its Early Access release, Risk of Rain 2 has reached an impressive sales milestone! The game has reportedly sold more than one million copies, according to developer Hopoo Games. The studio added that they are continually working on the new content they announced in the game’s development roadmap. “We hope our first content update plants the seeds necessary to continue growing Risk of Rain 2 into an even better game for players,” Hopoo Games said.

Call of Duty Series Sells Over 300 Million

Activision Blizzard has revealed that the Call of Duty series has sold over 300 million games. This was shared by CEO Bobby Kotick during a recent investors call. With this number, the series is now behind Pokemon and Mario in terms of games sold in their lifetime. The Call of Duty series has released close to 30 games from various developers in the past 15 years.

Players Review Bomb Rocket League After Epic Announces Acquisition of Psyonix

Steam reviews of Psonix’s Rocket League has changed from “Very Positive” down to “Mixed.” This is after Epic Games announced they are acquiring Psyonix, and that Rocket League has a big chance of becoming an Epic Games Store exclusive. This, however, has not been confirmed yet. Steam, on the other hand, has recently activated a tool which does not count periods of “off-topic review activity” from the games’ aggregate score.

Microsoft’s Solitaire is Now Part of the World Video Game Hall of Fame

Everyone who has a Windows PC has one way or another played with Solitaire. The classic card game has now been inducted in the World Video Game Hall of Fame. The game first released with the Windows 3.0 back in the 1990’s. Wes Cherry, who worked as a Microsoft intern back in the 1980’s, designed this game simply because he was bored.

Rage 2 Has Officially Gone Gold

There’s no more stopping Rage 2’s imminent release, as Bethesda has announced that the game has officially gone gold! This means it’s off to production, and will be ready in time for its launch on May 14th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Bethesda also announced its system requirements for PC which include an Intel Core i5-3570 or AMD Ryzen 3 1300X processor, 8GB of RAM, Nvidia GTX 780 3GB or AMD R9 280 3GB GPU, and 50GB of available space.

Fortnite Volcano Erupts, Destroys Tilted Towers and Retail Row

Fortnite’s volcano has erupted, destroying a couple of key locations in the game: Retail Row and the Tilted Towers. The volcano first appeared at the start of the game’s 8th season. The destruction caused by the volcano was quite massive as some other locations have also been destroyed due to molten rocks. The destruction of the Tilted Towers has been rumored for so long, and now we finally know that the rumor is indeed true.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay to Be Revealed at EA Play 2019

EA has announced that they will be revealing the first ever gameplay of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at the upcoming EA Play 2019 this June. This is good news since so far we’ve only got a glimpse at the game’s story trailer which was revealed back in E3 2018. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will launch November 15th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Hunt Showdown Gets a New Boss, Weapons, and More

Hunt: Showdown’s update 6.0 is now live, adding a new boss, new weapons, and character traits. The new boss is The Assassin, and according to Crytek, it “will use its behaviors in specific ways to punish the unprepared and reward those who keep calm and pay attention to what is about to happen.” New weapons added by this update includes the LeMat Mark II Revolver and Lebel 1886 Bolt-action Rifle, among others. The new traits are added for Ghoul and Vulture, while Adrenaline is added for players.

Ghost Parade Announced for PC, Switch, and PS4

Lentera’s 2D side-scroller adventure game Ghost Parade will be launching for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC this fall. The game follows the adventure of the protagonist Suri who gets lost in a mysterious forest as she makes her way home from school. Her quest to go home has turned to a fight to save the forest with the help of some ghostly allies. You can know more about the game through Instagram where a webtoon about Suri is published.

EVE Online to Get New Ships and More in Upcoming Expansion

EVE Online’s Invasion expansion is set to arrive on May 28th. Invasion will bring a new adversary, the mysterious Triglavian race, to the game. This also brings new enemy ships, as well as escalating consequences, new iterations in the War Declaration system and of course lucrative rewards, and much more. This update is free for all players in EVE Online.

The Crew 2’s May Vehicle Drop Adds Two New Cars

It’s a new month, and The Crew 2 has added a couple of new cars thanks to its May Vehicle Drop. The new cars are the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 2009 and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 2014. Both were previously made available first for Season Pass holders back in April 24th, and finally it’s now available for all players of the game.

War Thunder to Add Japanese Navy in Next Content Update

The power of the Japanese Navy will soon be unleashed in War Thunder, as Gaijin Entertainment has announced it will be added in the “game’s fifth Naval Forces vehicle tree.” The initial lineup of ships from the Japanese Navy will first be tested through a beta test late coming at the end of May, along with the release of War Thunder’s next major Content Update 1.89. The initial batch will consist of more than 20 ships “ranging from torpedo and gunboats to destroyers and cruisers.”

For Honor’s Year 3 Season 2 Sakura is Live Now

For Honor’s Year 3 Season 2 “Sakura” is now available across all the game’s platforms, Ubisoft has announced. Sakura introduces a new Samurai hero, the Hitokiri, adding to the game’s roster of 23 Heroes across four Factions. The Hitokiri is available as of May 2nd for Year 3 Pass owners, while everyone else will be able to purchase the hero using in-game currency starting May 9th. Sakura also adds a new map, and some hero improvements

Mortal Kombat 11’s Player Count is Triple of Mortal Kombat 10’s

Mortal Kombat 11 is celebrating its popularity as it debuts in the 10th spot on Steam. Its concurrent player count has also surpassed that of Injustice 2, and its predecessor, Mortal Kombat 10. Mortal Kombat 11 has reportedly reached 35,000 concurrent players on Steam. Mortal Kombat 10’s peak concurrent players only reached 14,000.

Epic Gifts a Free Glider to Players Who Were Not Able to Witness the Unveiling Event

Epic Games hosted the Unvaulted event in Fortnite over the weekend, which gave players a chance to vote on a weapon or an item that Epic will bring back from the vault. Unfortunately not all players were able to witness it, so Epic Games is compensating players who joined the Unvaulting playlist with the an Arcana Glider that should be rolling out “in the coming days.” Those who previously purchased the glider will also get a refund.

Madden NFL 19 eSports Tournament is Most Watched in Franchise History

Madden NFL 19 Bowl is quite a success, according to EA. The eSports event smashed viewership records for the franchise, making it the most-watched in the history of Madden NFL. According to EA, Madden NFL 19 Bowl’s Twitch audience peaked at 97,000 viewers, and the stream got more than 2.5 million views. The ESPN2 broadcast of the final had a total reach of 805,000 viewers. Madden NFL 19 will be available starting August 10 for Xbox One and PS4.


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