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AKS Gaming News 05/04/2019
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Battlefield 5 Gets Premium Currency

Battlefield 5 is introducing paid currency to the game and it is called the Battlefield Currency. These premium coins that are being introduced can be used to buy cosmetic customizations sets, time savers as well as some elite sets. All of these have no gameplay advantage what so ever and would just make your character look cool in the game. The time savers available to be purchased using this currency are tier catch-ups or XP boosts which can only speed up the rate at which you can unlock items.

Sonic Team Racing Wants Players to “Team Up” in New Trailer

Sega has released a new trailer for their upcoming arcade kart racer, Team Sonic Racing. Dubbed as the “Team Up” trailer, it shows off the game’s many characters, customization options, and the different stages players will be able to race on. The game will also feature a Challenge Mode where players will have to dodge different obstacles while trying to finish first. Sonic Team Racing is set to launch on May 21st for PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Switch.

Epic Games Store will Continue to Sign Exclusivity Deals Regardless of Steve Allison’s GDC Statement

You can forget about Steve Allison saying that the Epic Games Store doesn’t ever want to pull what they did with Metro Exodus ever again. Tim Sweeney says that Allison’s statement made during this year’s GDC prompted internal discussions and that the company will continue to “sign funding/exclusivity deals with willing developers and publishers regardless of their previous plans or announcements around Steam.” This was in response to a fan asking about the game Observation.

The Division 2 Gets First Major Update This Weekend

The Division 2’s first major update will be dropping this weekend, together with the opening of the Invasion: Battle For D.C. event. The event comes with the addition of the Tidal Basin stronghold, world tier 5, and the first ever gear sets for the game. Massive has also rescaled the skill system to fix problems with impossible skill power ratings. The M700 and Mk17 will be getting nerfs while a few other weapons will get buffed to balance weapons out. The patch releases this Friday.

Borderlands 3 Microsft Store Listing Says Game Supports Cross-Platform Co-op

The Microsoft store listing for Borderlands 3 shows that the game will support cross-platform co-op. This should be good news for fans, but oddly enough, Gearbox has yet to say anything about the feature since they revealed the game during this year’s PAX East. Thankfully, Microsoft doesn’t have issues with cross-play, unlike Sony, so there is a lot of hope in this being true. However, we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation to be sure.

New Serious Sam Game Now Available on Steam

A new surprise Serious Sam game has launched in Early Access on Steam. Serious Sam Tormental is a 3D rogue-lite top-down shooter that developer Croteam describes as “fully playable and good enough to enjoy” even in Early Access. In fact, they chose to release the game as an Early Access title first so they can “make it bigger and better” before its full launch. At the moment, the game features 3 playable characters, over 30 weapons and 20 upgrades, and 4 challenging boss fights.

Borderlands 3 Editions Revealed

Both the Deluxe and Super Deluxe Editions of Borderlands 3 will include boost mods for XP and loot drops. This news has some players concerned as this feels a lot like an in-game advantage given to those willing to spend more money on the game. This kind of practice often presents itself in free-to-play games and are frowned upon because they are considered pay-to-win. However, given that Borderlands isn’t an MMO or a PVP-centric game, it’s hard to tell how detrimental such bonuses could be.

The 7th Guest: 25th Anniversary Edition Gets Remastered, to Launch April 3rd

The 7th Guest is celebrating its 25th year. The 7th Guest: 25th Anniversary Edition is a remaster of the original game. It features new controls, improved graphics, a hotspot system highlighting interactive areas. This edition also allows players to skip scenes and it also has a new map, new menus, and new and improved audio. Developer MojoTouch also added some extras such as deleted scenes and a “Making of” featurette. The 7th Guest: 25th Anniversary Edition is available on Steam and GOG.

Psyonix Announces Rocket Pass3 and Esports Shop for Rocket League

Psyonix is bringing a bunch of new content to Rocket League. The game will be getting a new Rocket Pass as well as an update to the eSports Shop. Rocket Pass 3 will be going live on April 17th. It will be adding an all-new Challenge System, however, Psyonix is yet to share what items will be made available, or how the new system will work. As for the eSports Shop, Psyonix has not shared any details at this time, too but we can expect to know more next week.

Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory Announced for PC and Consoles

Bigben Interactive has announced its CRPG Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory. The game will be launching later this year on PC as well as consoles, although Bigben has not specified which consoled the game will be available on. The game is based from the tabletop game Paranoia. It is set in a retro-futuristic world where players will create and lead a team of Troubleshooters to eliminate traitors that are plotting to destroy The Computer, Alpha Complex. It features a “tactical combat system with active pause inspired by classic CRPG games.”

4 New Character Classes Now Available in Black Desert on Xbox One

Less than a month since its release on the Xbox One, Pearly Abyss’ Black Desert receives its second content expansion. The expansion adds four new classes: Dark Knight, Lahn, Musa and Striker, giving players an opportunity to start a new adventure in the game as one of the new characters, with each class having its own unique combat. The expansion also has a new large-scale PvP mode Node Wars which supports 25 to 100 players.

The Borderlands Series Has Been Review Bombed on Steam

A lot of disappointed gamers review bombed everything Borderlands on Steam because of the news that Borderlands 3 will be an Epic Games Store exclusive for six months. This included Borderlands 2, Borderlands Game of the Year, the enhanced GoTY, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and all the available DLC. The negative reviews do mention the Epic Games Store in particular as well. Although a lot of pissed off fans are doing this, some Steam users are trying to combat this with positive reviews.

Borderlands 3 Cross-Platform Support Possible In The Future

Borderlands 3 could possibly have cross-play support in the future. This has not been confirmed, although it was previously listed on the Microsoft page. If you have keen eyes, then you might have seen it before it was removed. The game’s publisher 2K Games said that cross-play is something that they are looking at closely, however, for right now, they have nothing to announce about it. Borderlands 3 will get a huge reveal event by next month, we will know more details by then.

Monster Hunter: World High Texture Pack Launched

Capcom has a new update for Monster Hunter World that has been rolled out today and it is a huge optional high-res texture pack for free. This new update doubles the game’s installation size because it is a thirty-gigabyte download which will use up six-gigabytes of your VRAM. It is heavy, but if your rigs can handle it, it will give you a cleaner and pronounced game. This HD pack also comes with a small patch which is the TAA+FXAA anti-aliasing mode. All of these doesn’t affect the in-game performance.

New We Happy Few DLC Released

We Happy Few just got its first DLC which is called They Came From Below. This DLC will have players taking on an alien robot invasion and take note, it will be vintage robots. You will be playing as Roger who was previously an NPC and you will be going to Doctor Faraday’s secret lab along with your boyfriend named James. There will be a lot of sci-fi weapons and gadgets to get you through the whole crazy ordeal. You can get this DLC as part of the game’s season pass or purchase it by itself.

Draugen To Launch In May

The developer of Dreamfall Chapters, Red Thread Games has announced the launch date of their latest game called Draugen. The game was actually announced years ago but it is only now that a release date has been confirmed for the game which will be on May 2019 for PC via Steam and GOG. Console launch will also be available at a later date. Draugen will let you play as Edward along with his ward Lissie in search for his wife Betty in the beautiful Norwegian Fjords in the 1920s.

Grand Theft Auto Online Bonuses For The Week

This week’s update for GTA Online has rolled out, and players will get to enjoy triple the rewards! Players who participate in this week’s Motor Wars will get triple GTA cash and RP. The game also offers double GTA cash and RP in Vehicle Vendetta and Hunting Pack (Remix). Also, by simply logging in to the game, players will get to unlock the Black Coil Cap for free. These offers will last until April 10th.

Furi Freedom Update Revealed With Trailer

The Game Bakers have released a brand new update for its action shoot ’em up video game Furi. The Freedom Update, which is available on platforms, brings the new Invincible Mode which will bring a lot more challenges for players in the game. It also includes a skirmish, Bernard the extra boss, speedrunner in the Furier difficulty setting, as well as another control scheme. All these are already available in the game’s Steam version prior to the update.

Epic Games Store Free Game Is The Witness

The next free game on the Epic Games Store has arrived! From now until April 18th, players will get The Witness for free, forever. The Witness is an open world game played in single-player. It features over 500 puzzles and dozens of locations to explore. Up next on Epic Games’ list of free games is the sci-fi action RPG Transistor.

Risk Of Rain 2 Sold More Than 650,000 Copies At First Week

Risk of Rain 2 has sold over 650,000 copies in its first week in early access. 150,000 players also took advantage of a launch deal where players get a free copy of the game so they can play it in co-op. This brings the total to 800,000. SteamCharts has also reported that the game currently has a peak concurrent player account that has risen as high as 69,694.

Borderlands 2 Still Gets One Million Players A Month

Looks like Borderlands 2 is still the most popular games in the series, six years after its release. According to a report by SteamCharts, majority of the game’s sales came from consoles. The next game in the series, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, has not been doing well as it hasn’t been pulling in players to the same extent as Borderlands 2. The surge in popularity of the game could be because of Gearbox’s recent announcements for Borderlands 3 which is scheduled to release September 13th.

Transistor Next Free Game On Epic Games Store

The next free game in the Epic Games Store is Supergiant’s action-RPG Transistor. The game will be free from April 18th until May 2. The game features a futuristic, cyberpunk setting, and it also has some strategic elements to it. The game debuted back in 2014. Currently, The Witness is Epic Games Store’s free game, and players can get it until April 18th, absolutely free.

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