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AKS Gaming News 26/03/2019
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New Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Mod Unlocks Framerate

If you’ve got a powerful PC and was disappointed to find out that Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is capped at 60 frames per second, you might want to check out a new mod from user jackfuste over at the Widescreen Gaming Forum. The mod is still being tested and may still have some bugs that need fixing, but some players have reported getting over 100 frames per second with it in-game. It requires a bit of set up but if you know your way around mods, it might be worth the effort to get the performance boost.

Rogue-like Strategy Game Overland Leaving Early Access this Fall

After a few years boiling in the Refinery, which is’s version of Early Access, Overland is finally just about ready for a full launch. Overland is a rouge-like turn-based strategy game where gameplay takes place on gridded squares. Players start off with a randomly-generated character and a car, and then go through a series of levels to get from the East Coast to the West Coast in an attempt to escape the insectoid creatures that have overrun North America. Overland leaves the Refinery this fall.

Tribute Built In-Game for Minecraft Server Owner Who Died of Cancer

The hub area of a once bustling Minecraft server has been transformed into a touching tribute by players to honor the server owner who recently died of cancer. Pendar2 started the Emenbee Minecraft server way back in 2011 and it peaked at 10 different servers with over 1,500 concurrent players. Everything except for the hub area was shut down last October, no doubt due to difficulties brought about by Pendar2’s disease. Now, those who visit will find the hub sprawling with signs bearing thanks and well-wishes.

Out of the Park Baseball 20 Available Now

Out of the Park Baseball 20 is now out for baseball management sim fans to enjoy. Players will be able to take control of their favorite teams either as the team’s GM or manager, or even both. The new installment adds a new “live” approach to the season where players can start their career at any point of a season. Improvements have also been made to the 3D sim engine and new strategy options have been added. Out of the Park Baseball 20 is available on Steam, GOG and the dev’s own webstore.

Apex Legends PS4 Page Says One More Legend Coming in Season 1

Apex Legends’ inaugural season saw the addition of a new legend in the form of adrenaline-junkie Octane. However, it seems that another new legend is bound to be added before the season ends, something Sony might have accidentally revealed before Respawn. The Apex Legends Playstation 4 page says “two new characters will launch over the course of the season”, with the first being Octane of course. The second might be a character named Wattson who was previously leaked by dataminers.

Dead Cells Has Sold Over 1 Million Copies

Indie favorite Dead Cells has now sold over a million copies. Sebastien Benard, a designer from Motion Twin, made the announcement during this years Game Developers Conference. He also added that about 60% of the sales came from PC, while the game sold best on the Nintendo Switch on the console side. Furthermore, Benard revealed that Dead Cells was sort of a “last chance project” for their studio and its success saved them from having to close up shop.

PUBG Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with Free In-Game Item

PUBG celebrated its second anniversary in March 23rd, and they’re bringing the celebration in-game! As announced in the game’s official website, players will get a special anniversary item for free. The item will be available starting March 27th for players on PC, and they have until April 24th to get the item. Console players can get it starting April 9th until May 7th. Epic Games went on to thank players for their unparalleled support.

Yet Another Zombie Defense HD Gets Switch Release Date

The top-down arcade zombie shooter Yet Another Zombie Defense HD is currently available on the Xbox One and PC, and now Awesome Games Studio has announced that the game is also heading to the Nintendo Switch. Yet Another Zombie Defense HD will be available on the Switch starting April 5th, but pre-orders will open starting March 27th in the Nintendo eShop where players also get a 10% discount. The game boasts of features such as tons of guns, zombies, and local and online co-op.

Epic Announces Fortnite Player Created Limited Time Modes Contest

Epic Games has announced a contest for all Fortnite players who want to unleash their creative sides. The contest is calling for players to create content for a Limited Time Mode using the game’s Creative mode. The mode should be multiplayer in nature, and players have the freedom to choose a theme or game type. Players have until April 8th to submit their LTMs. Complete details for this contest is available at the Epic Games website.

Next Fighting EX Layer Update Includes New Characters

Arika has announced a new update for its fighting game, Fighting EX Layer. The update will roll out on March 26th, and will be available for players on PC and PlayStation 4. The game’s arcade version will also get this update on the same day. The March 26th update will bring two new characters, Terry Bogard from The King of Fighters and Fatal Fury series, and Sharon from the Street Fighter EX franchise. Terry will be a paid DLC, while Sharon will be free.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Now Steam’s 4th Most-Played Game

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is already Steam’s fourth most-played game even though it has only been out for a few days. FromSoftware’s action adventure game has also overtaken games that appeared cemented in the top 5 on Steam for total concurrent players. According to Steam Charts, it peaked at around 124,266 concurrent players. Another thing that makes Sekio’s numbers that much more impressive is the fact that it is a single player game. It may not be at the top, but it has been a solid start thus far.

Battlefield 5 Gets an Updated Roadmap, Pacific Theater Combat Teased

DICE and EA have posted an updated roadmap for Battlefield 5 which teases a fifth chapter in fall 2019 that might be set in the Pacific. The nature of a roadmap is to give the onlooker a view of a structured sequence of events that will ensure over a certain period. The developers did that and not much more as they have not gone into details about any of the roadmap’s content. In any case, you can expect to get more details about Chapter 4 ahead of the EA Play event in early June.

Persona 5 The Royal Revealed

Atlus recently officially revealed Persona 5 The Royal for PlayStation 4. The information that has been gathered regarding the title was acquired through a teaser trailer released by the developers. Said trailer shows a girl with red hair in the rain in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, followed by the game’s official logo. Towards the end of the trailer, Atlus expressed that more information will be announced on April 24 at the Persona Super Live concert.

Super Mario Party Finally Gets Its First Update

Super Mario Party players can finally rejoice at the fact that the game has received an update. Previously, the game had gone five months without being updated but now that it is updated players are not particularly enthused. There is disappointment among the player-base as the whole update consisted of one thing, a fix to the Online Mariothon in which ranking data was not displaying properly. Hopefully, patch 1.0.2. will come bearing much more than a single bug fix.

Minecraft Gets Crossbows, Lanterns, and More in Its New Update

Minecraft has received a new update that sees the addition of a set of new weapons, a new lantern, new enemies, and more. Some players are particularly excited at the newly added adorable cat. While some titles have come and gone, Minecraft has been here for ages and has been blessed with dedicated playerbase. Minecraft’s formula for longevity and success is yet to be common knowledge but it would be a safe bet to say that updates like these are contributing factors.

The Division 2 to Get an FOV Slider in a Future Patch

Ubisoft has announced that it will be adding a Field of View slider to The Division 2 in a future patch. Ubisoft is a company of its word so while we haven’t yet been blessed with a precise date on which the slider will be added, we do know it is incoming. Ubisoft has also revealed the game’s next server update. Players will not be required to download and install said update themselves as it will be automatically applied to the game. You can visit the game’s official website for more information.

Official System Requirements of Detroit: Become Human Announced

Quantic Dream has shared the official system requirements for Detroit: Become Human for PC via the game’s Epic Store page. The developer also stated that the PC version of this PlayStation 4 exclusive will be using the Vulkan API. The minimum system requirements for the game includes an i5-2400, 4GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GTX660. However, the devs recommend that players have an Intel I7-2700K with 12GB of RAM and an nVidia GTX 1080 graphics card.

SWINE HD Remaster PC Version to Launch Q2 2019

Assemble Entertainment has announced that S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster is coming to the PC in the second quarter of 2019. To help usher in this fantastic announcement, the developer also presented some details and screenshots to give players a gist of what they can expect in the game. However, this news came to light after Assemble Entertainment had formally announced that they were teaming up with Kite Games to taking over the publishing rights for the mentioned title.

TwitchCon Europe to Host First Live Twitch Rivals

Twitch will be hosting the first live Twitch Rivals competition at its inaugural TwitchCon Europe event. This is exciting because it incorporates much of the Twitch community. The event was tailored specifically to accommodate streamers. The competition serves not only as a standalone event, but also to complement those organized by third-parties and developers. In addition, Apex Legends and League of Legends will be the two games featured at this illustrious event.

New Trails Game Currently in Development

Nihon Falcom president Toshihiro Kondoduring announced that the next game in the Trails JRPG series is currently in development. This announcement was made at the stage event at the Dengeki PlayStation Game Fest 2019 in Tokyo. He spoke about the future of the Trails series and even revealed some new character art. The illustrations provided players with the first look at Gaius’ younger brother Toma Worzel, Rixia Mao, and Scarlet.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle to Get a Major Update This May

Arc System Works recently published a tweet via its official Twitter account announcing the release window of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle’s next major update. According to the developer, its crossover fighting game’s update 1.5 is slated for release around mid-May for consoles and PC. Said update will feature balance adjustments synonymous to that of the arcade version of the game. Update 1.5 will also include some exciting new DLC characters.

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