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AKS Gaming News 11/01/2019
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Mortal Kombat 11 Reveal Event to Unveil Characters and Details on Game’s Story

A Mortal Kombat 11 reveal event is set for January 17th in London, England and details of the game’s story will be revealed, and some characters will be unveiled. It had not been specified however if the characters that will be unveiled are new characters, or already existing characters that will be returning to be a part of the roster. The Mortal Kombat 11 full game is set to launch on April 23rd. This will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Metro Exodus Gets Extremely Limited Artyom Custom Edition

An extremely limited Metro Exodus Artyom Custom Edition will be made available for fans of the franchise! This edition includes a fully functional Nixie watch, Artyom’s bullet lighter, authentic gas mask, leather-bound Metro Exodus map, personalized ‘Spartan’ dog tags, letter of authenticity, military crate, and a Metro Exodus Aurora Limited Edition. There will only be 10 of these available which will be given away through “a number of planned promotions” across social media from now until the game’s launch on February 15.

Battle Royale Games PUBG and Fortnite are PSN Top Downloads for December

PUBG and Fortnite sit atop the PlayStation Store’s Download Charts for December. The runaway title for December 2018 was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This is remarkable considering it was its first month on PS4. As expected Fortnite dominated the charts in the free-to-play section. Epic has found a unique formula which has made Fortnite a fan favorite. The game appears to be gaining traction by continuously altering the title and adding in new elements. The future appears luminous for the BR genre.

New Overwatch League Teams Skins Now Available In-Game

Blizzard has added new skins to Overwatch that enables players to represent their favorite new professional esports team. The 2019 Overwatch League hero skins are currently available and are redeemable for 100 OWL tokens. You may acquire both home and away variations. The league is set to commence on February 14, 2019. The first four days are promised to be action-packed as 16 matches are scheduled to be played in that time frame. Overwatch is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Fear the Wolves Gets Vaulting and More in Unified Update

Vostok Games’ Fear the Wolves received a new update a few days ago which is geared towards improving the player’s experience and changing the way matchmaking functions. The update is titled Unified, and seeks to improve the player’s experience by ensuring shorter queue times and that matches contain much more intensity. Unified adds features such as a waiting room and vaulting. The developers also introduced a revamped onboarding experience” which will go with a new deployment phase.

Star Trek Online’s Mirror of Discovery Update PC Release Announced

Star Trek Online will be launching a new update named Mirror of Discovery on PC. Cryptic Studios report that you will meet the ruthless leader of the Terran Empire’s I.S.S. It is also promised that players will uncover what had happened to Killy and her crew after their Terran starship ventured into the Prime Universe. Mirror of Discovery also includes two new Discovery-themed episodes, anniversary challenges and an update to the game’s Endeavors System. The update rolls out January 23rd on PC, and later on in consoles.

Pumped BMX Pro Launching February 7th

Pumped BMX Pro is scheduled for release on February 7, 2019 for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Developers Yea Us! invites you to indulge in a momentum-based BMX freestyler game. Pumped BMX Pro is a sequel to Pumped BMX+ and proclaims to amplify the action. This title is equipped with a beautiful new look, fresh new physics engine, and way more content than its predecessor. The game offers you variety, from droves of characters to a multitude of tricks, styles and competitions.

7 eSports Organizations Pull Out of PUBG

Seven eSports organizations have left PUBG, including OpTic Gaming. Late December 2018, OpTic Gaming made a Reddit post in which they announced that they were dropping their PUBG roster with immediate effect. G2 and Evil Geniuses are also dropping their rosters as they failed to qualify for a place in their PUBG European League and the National PUBG League. PENTA, Excelerate, and Dignitas have pulled out despite qualifying for the Leagues. Apparently, the orgs don’t see a future for PUBG in eSports.

Quake Champions’ January Update Focuses on Improving Performance

id Software assures its fans that Quake Champions’ January update will improve the gaming experience for gamers on low-end and mid-end PCs. The performance update forces the menu to use medium texture settings by default in case players are using Low or Medium settings. Previously the world failed to represent the settings players would set in an effort to optimize the game. Now, the texture quality for all things in the world will obey the users texture settings and reflect the correct values.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Has Sold Over 2 Million Copies Globally

Fatshark has announced that Warhammer: Vermintide 2 far exceeded all expectations by garnering over two million players from March 8 to December 31st, 2018. Surely this should not have come as such of a surprise as the game performed phenomenally thought the past year. Vermintide 2 received mostly positive reviews on Steam and was one of the most optimized PC games of 2018. Fatshark say players are to circle March 8 on their calendar and expect many awesome updates throughout 2019.

Song of Memories Won’t Be Heading to Switch Anymore

Future Tech Lab Co.,Ltd. announced that Song of Memories has been cancelled for the Nintendo Switch. The developers posted an apologetic tweet in which they said “We wouldn’t be able to bring the quality we strive to deliver” suggesting that the quality for the game would lessen on the console. The PS4 release is expected to go ahead as planned, and is scheduled for launch on February 1, 2019. Hopefully, when the game is released on PS4, the quality of the game corroborates their rationale.

World of Warcraft Pays Tribute to Stan Lee

On November 12, 2018 the world lost one of its most monumental figures named Stan Lee. World of Warcraft extends a tribute to the icon by adding a Stan Lee Cameo. A new NPC is present in the game, wandering around looking just like Stan Lee in the 8.1.5 update. Thus far he has only been seen in Stormwind, wearing the colors and armor of the Alliance. He also has two other character models: one in neutral colors without armor, and another wearing Horde gear. Much respect is due to Blizzard for the tribute.

Blast Zone! Tournament Free on Steam for a Limited Time

Blast Zone! Tournament, a Bomberman style competitive game currently on Early Access, is set to launch on Steam this February, and the good news is you’ve got this whole weekend to get the game for free! From now until January 16th, you may download the game from Steam and if you do so, it’s yours to keep forever. After the free weekend is up, you would have to get it at the price of 19.99 USD. The game features a multiplayer mode that supports up to 32 players across 283 multiplayer maps. It has battle royale, if that interests you, too.

Bungie Parts Ways with Activision

Bungie has shaken the gaming industry with the news of its split with Activision. Apparently, the two companies have not been in good terms for years, and the companies’ 10-year partnership contract has expired. Bungie gets to keep rights on the Destiny franchise, although it is not yet clear what this split would mean for Destiny 2’s future. So far, it appears like it’s “business as usual” for Destiny 2 as Activision said it will continue to remain on Blizzard’s Battle.Net.

Pikuniku Heads to PC and Switch

Devolver Digital’s vibrant puzzle game Pikuniku is heading to PC and Nintendo Switch! The game is set to launch on January 24th. The game features “peculiar characters” which players must help “overcome struggles, uncover a deep state conspiracy, and start a fun little revolution.” The game will give you 4 to 5 hours of fun and can be played in local multiplayer. You can get it on PC via Steam and GOG.

Fallout 76 Update Adds Legendary Hunting Rifles and More

Fallout 76 gets a new update which includes about 150 changes. For PC the update is about 500MB and for consoles, it would roughly be 4GB. The update is filled to the brim with tweaks and fixes and so much more but the notable ones are the Legendary Hunting Rifles, bobby pins balance changes, easier to maintain gear, fairer fights because of the PvP tweaks, performance improvements, and a whole lot of fixes for some strange issues. You can check out the complete patch notes in the game’s site.

God of War Nominated in 12 Categories in the DICE Awards

God of War is far from being lit as it tops the list of nominees for Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences’ 22nd D.I.C.E. Awards. The game is nominated in 12 categories, including Game of the Year. The 22nd D.I.C.E. Awards is set to take place on February 13th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Other Game of the Year nominees are Marvel’s Spider-Man with 11 other nominations, Into the Breach with 4 other nominations, Return of the Obra Dinn with 6 other nominations, and Red Dead Redemption 2 with 8 other nominations.

Jump Force Open Beta Begins January 18th

Bandai Namco’s Jump Force open beta will be opening on January 18th and will be available up until the 20th for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This will serve as a stress test for the game and will only be available on window hours. January 18 from 4 AM to 7 AM PT, January 19 from 9 PM to 12 AM PT, and 8 AM to 11 AM PT, and lastly for January 20 from 12 PM to 3 PM PT. Available in the beta are 17 characters as well as 5 stages. Jump Force is set to launch on February 15, available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What Remains of Edith Finch Now Free on the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store’s next free game is now available! From now until January 24th, you can get the 2017 adventure game What Remains of Edith Finch absolutely free. You simply need to download the game from the Epic Games Store client, and you’re good to go. The Epic Games Store launched late 2018 and promised to offer free games every two weeks. The first one was Subnautica, and was later followed by Super Meat Boy.

Fighting EX Layer’s New Update Out Now

Fighting EX Layer has received a new update that brings the game to Version 1.1.3. Available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and other arcade platforms, the update brings tweaks on in-game balance, and also removes some bugs that will improve online matchmaking specifically for the game’s PlayStation 4 version. The biggest nerf was done on the game’s “Teleport” feature – it now has a longer startup, but players can no longer teleport into mid-air. The full patch notes are available in Akira’s Facebook page.

Catherine Now on Steam

ALTUS’ unique action-adventure and puzzle game Catherine has come to the PC for the first time ever. The classic game originally launched for the PS3 in 2011. The PC port will come with enhancements like the option for 4K resolutions and unlocked framerates. Also, Japanese voice overs, as well as a customizable keyboard and mouse controls are available. Catherine Classic is now available on Steam which comes with deluxe extras like an original soundtrack sampler, avatars, and wallpapers.

Red Dead Online Gets a Battle Royale-Like Game mode

Red Dead Online gets a battle royale-like mode, and it’s available now! The mode, called Gun Rush, puts 32 players in a fight to become the last man standing. Just like in battle royale games, players will have to grab guns and ammo in an arena that has a shrinking circle over time. Gun Rush is available in team and solo play, while there’s no word whether squad play is also available.

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