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December 11, 2018

We’ve Come a Long Way

Many of you have been playing Killing Floor 2 since Early Access on Steam since 2015. However, the community has continued to grow over the years from the PC to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. We even have new players who’ve joined the fray as recently as the past couple of months. With that said, I’ll start by bringing everyone up to speed on the accomplishments the team has delivered in 2018. I’ll even provide a glimpse of what 2019 holds for Killing Floor 2 at the end.

Today’s Killing Floor 2

  • Game Updates
    • Infinite Onslaught
    • Summer Sideshow: Treacherous Skies
    • Halloween Horrors: Monster Masquerade
    • Twisted Christmas: Season’s Beatings

  • New Playable Characters
    • D.A.R.
    • Mrs. Foster
    • Badass Santa

  • Game Modes
    • Endless

  • Maps
    • DieSector
    • Power Core
    • Airship
    • Lockdown
    • Monster Ball
    • Shopping Spree
    • Santa’s Workshop

  • Weapons
    • Mac 10 (Firebug & SWAT)
    • Husk Cannon (Firebug & Demolitionist)
    • AF2011-A1 (Gunslinger)
    • M99 AMR (Sharpshooter)
    • Static Strikers (Berserker)
    • Doomstick (Support)
    • Gore Shiv (Survivalist)
    • HMTech-501 Grenade Rifle (Field Medic & Commando)
    • FN FAL ACOG (Sharpshooter & Commando)
    • MKb.42(H) Carbine Rifle (Commando)
    • Road Redeemer (Berserker, cross promotion weapon with Road Redemption)
    • Battle Axe (Berserker)
    • Fire Axe (Berserker)
    • Tommy Gun (SWAT & Commando)
    • M32 Grenade Launcher (Demolitionist)

  • Features
    • Weapon Upgrade System
    • Prestige System
    • No Duplicates Zedconomy System
    • Matchmaking System Rework

  • Enemies
    • E.D.A.R. Trapper
    • E.D.A.R. Bomber
    • E.D.A.R. Blaster
    • Rioter (Rework of the Elite Alpha Clot)

  • Reskins
    • Halloween models for all Zeds during the Halloween event.

  • Killing Floor 2 Website Redesign
    • We’ve provided a fresh coat of paint to our KF2 website. This is now the ‘one stop shop’ to ensure you have the latest news on anything KF2 related

What Lies Ahead

We at Tripwire firmly believe in establishing and maintaining open lines of communication with the community. Final decisions on game designs and new features are always made internally, however, feedback from you, the community, provides us with valuable insight as to what the players would like to see next. As such, we have crafted another survey for you to participate in.

The process of this survey will be multifaceted. Part 1 will begin with broad strokes, asking for your feedback on a variety of categories. As we collate this data, the development team will then determine the top areas that the community has expressed interest in. Part 2 of the survey will delve deeper in to the top choices asking more granular questions. The end result is to have a better understanding of where the community’s interests lie, which will help bring an even more exciting and fulfilling experience to everyone. As always, changes in a development schedule occur for a variety of reasons, so if what you voted on is not something that makes its way to the LIVE game, that does not mean it never will.

If you’d like to participate, please click the following link: Killing Floor 2 Survey[] The survey will be up through the 2018 holiday.

Aside from the above survey, the team already has plans on what we’d like to bring your way in 2019. As such, you can expect new additions and continued improvements for the following:

Additional Weapons – Providing new and exciting weapons is a staple in Killing Floor 2. The tradition will continue throughout 2019. To provide a bit of a sneak peak, one of the new weapons currently slated to launch in early 2019 (timeframe subject to change), is called ‘The Laser Cutter” (working title). Let your imagination flow! I’d provide more information but the Clots wouldn’t play nice!

Additional Maps – What would a Killing Floor game be without a unique, crazy, and fun filled map to play in? We’re already working on maps that we believe will be extremely fun to experience. Do you want another sneak peek? Well, I wouldn’t want to spill anything so you’ll just have to wait a bit more to see what comes your way!

Major Events – The Summer Sideshow, Halloween Horrors, and Twisted Christmas events are favorites amongst many of you. We know we enjoy them!. These events will be making a return in 2019. What will be new with these events, you ask? Time will tell!

Objective Mode – Currently, we have the following objective mode types that many of you are quite enjoying; Operate & Control, Wield and Repair, Escort, and Stand your Ground. Next year, we will introduce a new objective mode type and a variation on an already existing mode. More details to come later on.

Quality of Life Additions – The team has been collecting and reviewing feedback from our internal community team, forums, emails, and recent surveys. Our goal here is simple. We want to enhance your experience by providing QOL additions that make your stay that much more enjoyable. We still want to hear from everyone on what QOL additions they’d like to see, so please be sure to provide your feedback in the aforementioned survey.

AMA (Ask me Anything) – You’ve got questions! We’ve got answers! Along with developer interviews, we’d love to interact with the community in real time. We’re currently in discussion about hosting an AMA online event in early 2019. This is where all community members will have an opportunity to ask all those burning questions about KF2. AMA date and developer attendance specifics will be announced at a later date. Stay tuned for more details in early 2019 by following our Facebook and Twitter social media outlets.

Bugs – The team will continue to review all reported bugs and look to address them as quickly as possible, while still maintaining the quality of each update to exceptional standards. As a reminder, you may report bugs at the following locations:

Official Tripwire KF2 Forums –

Official Tripwire KF2 Steam Forums –

Continued Polish & Refinement – As mentioned previously, the teams have accomplished a lot of goals this past year. A portion of those goals being polish and refinement. We fully intend to not only maintain the quality bar but raise it moving forward.

Community Presence – Interacting with the community and keeping everyone up to date is very important to us. Our community team does a wonderful job interacting with our playerbase. We want to increase our presence in new and exciting ways. This could range from developer presence on our KF2 forums to staff interviews where we not only provide a fun factorial on our KF2 developers but also an opportunity for you to to post questions that you’d like a particular developer to respond to. Want to know where an artist gets their inspiration from? Want to know how programmers solve unique and complicated bugs? Want to know how designers begin to design a weapon? These are just some of the questions that we’d love to answer for you. We hope to have more information about this as we move in to the 2019 calendar year

As stated by the Clots during The Summer Sideshow event “This is the happiest place on Earth! The KF2 community energizes us every waking day. Your passion for Killing Floor 2 does not go unnoticed and we want to take this final moment to say THANK YOU. Without you, Killing Floor 2 would not exist.

2019… here we come!


Mike Stone


Tripwire Interactive

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